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HOPE X: Creating Smart Spaces With ReelyActive

When we hear about the Internet of Things, we’re thinking it’s a portable device with a sensor of some kind, a radio module, and the ability to push data up to the Internet. 226 more words

Radio Hacks

HOPE X: Citizens Band Microwave Spectrum And Free Internet For All

The bulk of HOPE X was the talks, but arguably the far more interesting aspect of thousands of hackers and tinkerers under one roof is talking to everyone about what they’re doing. 1,587 more words


Vintage Radio Rocks With Modern Technology

had an old Soviet Russian Neywa 402 transistor radio sitting on the shelf. It looked cool, but unfortunately that’s about all it did. Built in the 70′s one can only wonder about the past life of the radio. 156 more words

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A GSM Base Station With Software Defined Radio

If you’re wondering how to get a better signal on your cellphone, or just want to set up your own private cell network, this one is for you. 162 more words

Radio Hacks

Generate Clocks with the SI5351 and an Arduino

If you’re dealing with RF, you’ll probably have the need to generate a variety of clock signals. Fortunately, has applied his knowledge to build a  131 more words

Arduino Hacks

Controlling RC Toys With The Raspi

An interesting trick you can do with a a fast CPU and a GPIO pin mapped directly to memory is an FM transmitter. Just toggle a pin on and off fast enough, and you have a crude and kludgy transmitter. 288 more words

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