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Cathy Hughes

In my Entrepreneur Class, I have to write report on a highly successful Entrepreneur of my choice. So I decided to research Cathy Hughes.

I chose Cathy Hughes as my subject because not only is she beautiful Black woman whose highly successful, but because she defies all the stereotypes of black women being single parents. 249 more words


Florida City Bans Sagging Pants

Officials in Ocala, Florida have finally passed an ordinance that prohibits anyone from wearing the sagging pants two inches or below their belt line, discouraging people from walking around with their butts and underwear showing. 6 more words

Radio One

Nicki Minaj Reveals Her Biggest Guilty Pleasure [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Figuring out  Nicki Minaj‘s guilty pleasure isn’t that hard. Just think about her cover art for her latest single “Anaconda.” Nicki reveals on “ 218 more words

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U.S. Supreme Court Stays Same-Sex Marriage in Virginia

Same-sex marriages in Virginia will not become legal as expected because the U.S. Supreme Court granted a stay on the lower court ruling. The high court Wednesday stayed a decision by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond which ruled the state’s ban on gay marriages is unconstitutional and that such marriages would be legal as of today. 51 more words


FMR Gov McDonnell Takes Stand In His Corruption Trial

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell testified in his own defense at his federal corruption trial in Richmond. McDonnell testified Wednesday that despite claims he accepted illegal gifts and cash, he believes all elected officials deal with donors who want favors. 110 more words


Self Defense Tip of the Day

Have your car serviced regularly to avoid breakdown.