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Radio Research

  Radio jingles are short effective and catchy tunes that are played by radio station to advertise their name to audiences worldwide. These jingles are heard throughout the world, there are a small minority of companies that produce and are responsible for making them. 418 more words

Radio Production

Comparison between two Different radio statios

comparison between radio 4 and kiss

In this task we had to compare two different radio stations which were almost opposites to each other and compare the information they talk about and the difference audiences they focus on. 18 more words

Radio Production

Jingle Analysis

My analysis of 5 British Radio station Jingles Analysis

 Capital FM is known for playing urban youth type music with musical genres such as pop and hip hop examples range from Jessie j to Macklemore. 519 more words

Radio Production

radio sik


My Radio Station is what i struggled the hardest on because whenever I kept saving my work my downloaded songs would pop as an error so I until I exported it into an MP3 and turned it into a movie through windows movie maker it wouldn’t fully work. 198 more words

Radio Production

S.I.K Radio

Radio Production Critique

Producing a music base show

What have you done?

I have recorded a jingle using different sounds and beats such as drums, rewind etc. 334 more words

Radio Production

First Time on Set

In October, I was lucky enough to get a day’s work experience on the set of a new film produced by the company that I had interned and worked for over the summer. 725 more words

Own Experience