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Once In A While, by Danny Kemp

As if by magic it did rise

From a sea so tranquillised.

A crashing wave in a mighty swell,

An agonising look it did compel. 59 more words

Author/Writer, Raconteur

First Chapter Of....A Shudder From Heaven.

Chapter One

The Letter

It would appear from your many generous contributions and what I have gathered from fellow followers of God’s teachings, that you are a good and faithful man. 1,048 more words

Author/Writer, Raconteur

Your Mum! By Danny Kemp

Who is there to hold your hand so tight

When you are lonely and afraid at night?

Who is there in the morning when you wake… 78 more words

Author/Writer, Raconteur

A Divine Myth, OR A Northern Love? By Danny Kemp

Polaris joins together the Bears in the celestial sky.

He’s the pivot that hold the key, but it’s a mystery as to why.

I hope to shed some truth on why that may be. 182 more words

Author/Writer, Raconteur

Do You Know What Sage And Onion Have In Common With Shakespeare? By Danny Kemp

This week, here in the UK, we celebrate the seven-hundredth wedding anniversary of Sage and Onion. 

The two were married in a cauldron when a banquet was being prepared for King Gareth-Barry of Wales, at Castle Dunsinane, when he was entertaining King Duncan of Ireland and King Cardun of Norway. 335 more words

Author/Writer, Raconteur


The following is taken from a previously hidden stage production titled…..COHIBA.

It was penned by that renowned playwright Sir Sausage E. Bacon as an appeal to Queen Elizabeth not to allow Sir Walter Raleigh to continue the campaign, he was raging at the time, on the good folk of London, forcing them to smoke the tobacco plant he discovered growing amongst the knotweed at his home at Icia, Amersham. 497 more words

Author/Writer, Raconteur