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The Verb's Ian McMillan on his Favourite Short Stories

The Verb is BBC Radio 3’s ‘Cabaret of the Word’, presented by Ian McMillan. Each week the programme brings together award-winning writers; poets, songwriters, novelists, dramatists and performers from around the world. 602 more words


Swim To Your Ship Of Success (Written By Amir Diamond)

One of the things that irritates me about our generation is how lazy some of us are. Stop asking for handouts; put in work! I promise you it’ll pay off. 108 more words

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Lights out

I was searching on my iTunes radio for the suitable ambient song to play. Then there’s a radio named ‘Lights out’. I think its very decent name for a radio. 135 more words


RED ICE RADIO - John de Nugent - Hour 1 - The Solutreans: The First Ancient Settlers in North America

John de Nugent was born in Providence, Rhode Island and descends from the first British settlers of America in 1635, with his very distant ancestors (hence “de Nugent”) having being “Normans,” that is Norwegian Vikings who conquered part of France around 900 AD, adopted the French culture and language and then carried out the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. 242 more words


How does “free publicity” really work?

We all hear a lot these days about “free publicity.” But is it a real thing?

Well, yes and no.

First, let’s talk about the concept. 494 more words


Audio Arts Project: The Final Product

Once the audio was compiled, I was primarily in charge of the online component of the project. I put together the blog, wrote the copy, produced the audiovisual slideshow and ensured everything was digitally sleek! 307 more words


Ned Schmidt – The Frogs Are Getting Boiled, and They Don’t Have Clue

Ned Schmidt says, the Fed has been turning up the heat and the “investors” don’t have a clue. They’ve tightened 8 times. There’s no excess liquidity. 84 more words

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