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No More Bullies

Another optimistic speaker at the B-Connected Conference was Ottawa Magic 100 radio announcer Stu Schwartz. He created a campaign called No More Bullies https://www.facebook.com/majic100nomorebullies?fref=ts. Stu and his team go into schools with a powerful presentation about anti-bulling called No More Bullies. 247 more words

KSHE's Summer Mega Ticket, Too Good To Be True?

Summer is all about outside concerts and beer on a hot summer’s day. This season KSHE is doing something crazy. $50 for seven legendary artists. Is this too good to be true?

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A vacation of vaccinations!

After 11 long weeks, university is finally finished for the Easter break! It was definitely touch and go for the last couple – something evident from the number of students making it to class which halved with each period come the final days! 849 more words

Treading Lightly into the Voice-Over World

I’m someone who likes to use their voice. This might be an obvious statement  with the radio work that I do, but voice-over work has only ever been on the edge of things I’ve been involved with. 279 more words


Radio XXXIV, side A, track 5: "Everlasting Love" by Howard Jones

Oh, Howard Jones, this is where I fell in love with you.  It was the first song that I’d ever heard by you, and I was immediately enthralled with a voice that almost sounded like it should belong to a cartoon character, a voice just a couple shades lighter than a helium overdose, a voice that shouldn’t really be taken seriously, but as soon as you heard it you could do nothing but.  616 more words