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Let It Blow

“Weird Al” Yankovic released a new album called “Mandatory Fun” on July 15th.  I was very curious to see if I would find a parody of Disney’s “Let It Go” from the movie “Frozen”.   429 more words

Tyler Moye : Performing on the street corner

In my experiences from working in the music entertainment business over 11 years I’ve learned a myriad of things. One being that you’re either going to see the “music” as a job or as a passion. 344 more words


Short Story - "Radioactive"

Hi everyone!

I wrote a short story!  It is for a contest on a writer’s forum called the iPod Challenge.  You pull up your iPod (or phone/iPad/Spotify/Pandora/etc.) music and click “Shuffle/Random”.   1,158 more words


Intraweiw with Imagine Dragons leader: Dane Reynalds

Todays at globelatch, we has a exciting interbrew! It is with a singer man, who call Dane Raynelds. He is main singer man for the breakout bandy; Imagine Dragons, who sungs many songs such as, Radioactive (which is about nutclear enderbies), Daymons, Amerika, and the song no one knows:. 732 more words


1.2 million Malaysians send eviction notice to Lynas Corp

Australian-owned Lynas Corp cannot get away from its “socially unlicensed” operation in Kuanton, Malaysia, An eviction notice signed by 1.2 million Malaysians across the nation has been sent urging the company to shut down and leave the country immediately. 569 more words


Feds To Clean Site Of 1976 'Atomic Man' Accident

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — Workers are preparing to enter one of the most dangerous rooms on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation — the site of a 1976 blast that exposed a technician to a massive dose of radiation, which led to him being nicknamed the “Atomic Man.” 588 more words


Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons es una banda estadounidense de rock originaria de Las Vegas, Nevada. La revista Billboard los llamo “La Banda Revelación del 2013″, y la revista Rolling Stone “El mayor éxito rock del año” a su sencillo Radioactive. 68 more words