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Eyeless Storm

I’ve always had an unusual interest in abandoned buildings. Especially if a whole city is full of them. There is an eerie quality to any building that was once in use, but time and circumstance dictated that it be forgotten, demolished by the elements and wilderness. 2,050 more words


RadioActive: A Two-Day Journalism Workshop

Are you a teen interested in storytelling and journalism?

This might be the perfect workshop for you. RadioActive is a two-day journalism workshop where participants get to write and record a script in KUOW’s studio. 97 more words


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How Society is hurting this Planet

I’m not environmentally qualified, so I can only voice opinions based on my observations plus the conclusions of people who have effected scientific research.  The overwhelming majority of environmental scientists, as quoted in the world press, suggest that society is negatively impacting upon the environmental health of this planet. 689 more words

Hope Show 77 - the lowdown

Hope Show 77 the lowdown

As usual a mix of old, new noise and pop tonight

1. winnebago deal – Maximum Overdrive
2. The offenders – Impact… 658 more words


The Radioactive Rock Metatorbernite

Don’t worry, it’s not going to hurt you – at least, not if you don’t handle it for too long. And you wash your hands afterward. 238 more words