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American Eagle Outfitters I'MPERFECT Commercial

Once again, I love the song choice used in this commercial (that’s why the Music Supervisor gets paid the big bucks after all). The song chosen is a cover of “Feeling Good” and it does just that, it makes you feel.  67 more words


Not Just a Gemmy Face...

Yeah I don’t know why I picked that title lol! 😉

Today I tackled the laundry, nothing magickal about that. Hand crushed dried herbs to bag for teas, yeah that’s a bit magickal. 240 more words

pop goes lit: welcome to the new age

I am a chicken.

I perch atop my wall, waiting for the dawn. The sun comes up every morning, whether I can see it or not. 242 more words

Imagine Dragons

Glass that Glows in the Dark

Some might call them crazy. Believe it or not, some collectors collect – wait for it – radioactive glass.

Now, it’s not exactly dangerous. Vaseline glass, often called uranium glass for its uranium content, won’t kill you. 244 more words


Scientists detect genetic abnormalities in Fukushima birds, insects

In a set of papers published Thursday in the Journal of Heredity, a U.S. publication, Japanese and U.S. scientists warned that radioactive materials released from by the core meltdowns at the Fukushima No. 307 more words