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Dog Poo Bags

I was told to expect a gippy tummy with my radiotherapy. I have mentioned this before. I interpreted the side effect to mean runny poo, maybe lots of poop, but regardless, I took gippy tummy to be bowel based activity. 551 more words


I Lost My Cankles

My 8th and final chemotherapy was last October 18, 2013, had surgery in November 2013 and completed 25 fractions of radiotherapy treatment January 2014. The first two pictures below show my cankles and chubby feet which was taken November 23, 2013. 117 more words

Baseline data from the ProtecT trial ... with outcomes still to come

Many readers of this blog will be interested to look through the data on the preliminary study design and diagnostic and baseline results of the randomized, phase III ProtecT trial that have just been reported in… 101 more words



Hello :)

I can’t believe I posted 81 days ago saying I was back and ready to blog- whoops where has that time gone? I think its a sign of growing older when time slips by and life being so awesome gets in the way every now and again. 624 more words


Choosing a university

Picking a university is much like starting this post, I don’t have a clue where to begin. I feel very fortunate to have the chose of so many amazing uni’s, which was never really an option for my parents and still isn’t for many people. 370 more words

Chapter 33 Still on the right track

All ok and green lights coming from my latest check-up… That was good to hear even if I was on antibiotics the lest 4 weeks due to a laryngitis that hit me twice! 271 more words


Day 19 - Wednesday 23 July - Nearly there!

I’m looking at the world in an optimistic light
You made me appreciate my life


I had my second relaxation therapy session today. The plan was for Jill to give me a lesson in visualisation. 413 more words