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Biggest hurdle is over! No more chemo :-)

Great news today after what seems to have been the longest three weeks ever!!

After lots of worry and stress I finally had the best news today, the tumour is no longer reacting to chemo and I don’t need anymore! 109 more words

The Truth About Chemo and Radiation

Chemo and Radiation Actually Make Cancer More Malignant

 Waking Times

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the developed world, and yet we are still in the dark ages when it comes to treating and understanding it. 1,771 more words


Radiotherapy – tumour, it's time to fry! 17th November – 19th December 2014

Week One

I think the start of every new stage is nerve-wracking! It was the start of 25 radiotherapy treatments. The regime consisted of one radiotherapy treatment a day on weekdays and to continue to take the same dose of chemo tablets (Capecitabine) on these days. 2,320 more words

Bowel Cancer

Chapter 37 New experience

That’s it… Been to my first photopheresis experience and it is not as unpleasant as I may have thought…

For the ones who know me in person, imagine me on a bed for more than 3 hours without moving my arms and listening to a machine extracting my cells to get a UV treatment! 84 more words


Chemo round four – The final countdown! 28th October – 16th November 2014

Firstly, I have to apologise for how long it has taken me to write a new blog post. Once I got into my final chemo round I really didn’t feel like writing it and am only really feeling ready to do so, now. 1,495 more words

Bowel Cancer

Sore Nips and Weariness

So how are things? Well much the same really, both Nipples are sore and have random spells of having sharp pains. The burning on my skin from the ‘Radiotherapy Booster’ sessions is clearly visible on my skin, both sides. 475 more words

Breast Cancer