Circles are very simple to draw and understand, there are 4 key terms in circle if you didn’t know (Tangent, Chord, Diameter, and Radius).  For many of us, we may not remember these words, but it’s pretty important to know.  78 more words

Animation of the Day: Fox Radius and Ulna from Fort Lee RACF

by Bernard K. Means, Director of the Virtual Curation Laboratory (VCL)

Today’s animation is the ulna and radius from a fox that was scanned in the Virtual Curation Laboratory.   37 more words

Animation Of The Day

The intelligent marketing & sales funnel: A data science makeover

Technology companies like Uber and Jawbone collect massive and intricate datasets about consumer behavior, and in the process, they’re tackling critical issues with data science. These kinds of innovative organizations are revolutionizing the way businesses interact with each other by automating the complex techniques data scientists use to extract value from big data. 826 more words



Soles to Earth
So natural
Palms to trees
So actual
Good paths are to nowhere
And end before you’re someone
Shedding skin
And move on… 55 more words

Top 5 Manageability Features Introduced in Cisco ISE 1.3

Cisco ISE 1.3 is finally out, after many software patch releases for ISE 1.2 and 1.2.1. There are a ton of feature improvements and additions including Guest, pxGrid, and others–but this post focuses on the manageability/serviceability side of Identity Services Engine for those who install and administer the appliances. 463 more words