The Kepler and Spitzer Space Telescopes make their most precise measurements yet

(Artist’s illustration of Kepler 93-b – Photo Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

Using data from NASA’s Kepler and Spitzer Space Telescopes, scientists have made the most precise measurement ever of the size of a world outside our solar system.  429 more words


SonicWALL, Here's One of the Ways I Hate You

UPDATE: Dell has reached out to me via Twitter regarding my SonicPoint issues. I will be contacting them this week to see if we can resolve this, and I will make a new post after that. 424 more words

Information Technology

How & When are the forces created in a circular motion

How & When are the forces created

As you can see we have discussed the direction of applied forces change direction at every point in a circular moment. 282 more words

Studding The Anti Gravitational Force

500 Meter

von Anna Lisa

Zwei kleine Kinder mit großem Bewegungsdrang, eine alte Hündin und das Ganze ohne Auto machen weitere Wege manchmal ganz schön schwierig. “Dir muss ja wirklich schon die Decke auf den Kopf fallen!”, höre ich oft. 1,015 more words


Radius Problem #1

2 circles sit inside rectangle ABCD, such that

AB is tangent to both circles,

AC and CD are tangent to the larger circle

BD is tangent to the smaller circle.

Find radius r2


Wood, Old Woodcutters, Radius Patterns, And Good Reason

Woodcutters in Scandinavian had stacked wood in radius patterns for good reason. By stacking wood this way it allows the wood to dry rapidly by letting air to circulate. 46 more words

Be smart. Use tau.

For anyone who didn’t know, this past Saturday was Tau Day, a celebration of the proper circle constant!

A couple weeks ago, I told all of you about how  1,872 more words