The Post-TIFF Recap+Review: Before We Go

This is the third post in a twelve part series called The Post-TIFF, where I will review one of the twelve movies that I screened at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. 714 more words


Saving the World

She places her hand on the screen as the connection becomes less and less reliable and eventually cuts off. As Grace cries in front of the screen with her hand dragging down the glass of the television set, Harry and the “armadillo” get lifted up by some of the sporadic earthquakes on the asteroid and Harry is tossed out of the vehicle. 98 more words


Allen Stone- Circle

In eager anticipation of seeing him perform live tomorrow night, here’s a new track from his forthcoming album, “Radius”. This guy has so much talent and soul, it’s ridiculous. 37 more words

Conversation on Carbon Dioxide - #2

Mindy asked : “So, what is the concentration of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in our environment?”

Thad asked in response : “Why would you want to know it?” 1,611 more words