A (much needed) Neighborly Diversion

As work continues on the Armoire the thought occasionally crosses my mind that this is a big undertaking!  Having discussed my procedure on the blog about how I intend to go about it and not hearing suggestions regarding other ways to construct this leads me to think my plan is a sound, albeit: complicated one.   328 more words

Bringing Wireless Back in to the Fold

I’m sitting in the airport in Barcelona just having had an amazing week of conversations ranging from potentially core-belief shattering to crazy ideas for puppet shows. 1,460 more words

IT Musings

WLC Admin Access by Radius Server

In this post we will learn how to provide or control WLC management users access via external radius server.

We will create 3 users:

User1: Full Admin rights on WLC – sandeeprw… 461 more words

Cisco WLC

Elektrik Advent: Day 11

Daedelus – Sevastopol (Radius Remix)

Released on Brainfeeder

Uploaded date: 24 November 2014


The Elektrik Cave

Configure AAA authentication with a radius-server on a Cisco router. Part 1

What is AAA?

Authentication authorization accounting (aaa), is a way to handle user-request for access to computer resources. In this blog I focus on access to a Cisco router. 573 more words


When Making Coffee for T-Rex, call Pythagoras!

Today, I’ve been learning about cones. How to calculate the volume of a cone with a height of 17.9 meters and a radius of 6.8 meters, for example. 257 more words

Math Posts