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A Walk to Sope Creek

Sometimes when I’ve made the mistake of anger, which¬†sometimes
breeds the mistake of cruelty, I walk

down the rocky slope above the ruined mill on Sope Creek… 474 more words



Living in a constantly moving city it’s easy to forget that there are places where things seem to stop,¬†even if just for a little bit. 215 more words


Radnor Lake Watercolor Sketch - Tennessee

Vacation Time!!!
Oh Boy!
I recently had the chance to visit beautiful Nashville, TN, where there are green things growing and nothing is frozen! Yaaaaaaaayyyyyy! Holy Cow…this has been such a brutal winter in Chicago that I forgot what grass looks like. 134 more words


Ice and Fog...

On my way to the monthly meeting of the Brentwood Photography Group, I drove through an area where the trees were covered in thin layer of ice. 596 more words


Gratitudue Overcomes Me

Whatever it is, I cannot understand it
Although gratitude stubbornly overcomes me
Until I am reduced to tears.
- Saigyo