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Classic tanks for a classic yacht

Rafa’s water and fuel tanks are things of industrial beauty. They are sculpted in steel to match the varying curve of the hull. The curves on the tanks when seen up close are akin to the bodywork of a classic car. 71 more words

Rafa's rusty floors get a makeover

We knew we had to replace the ‘floors’ under the engine when we bought Rafa. With the engine out of the boat, we were able to access them and here they are. 91 more words

Rafa is in good company with two other classic yachts

The barn Rafa is in has become a bit of a home to classic yachts all needing a bit of TLC.

With Rafa on the left of the pic, the middle yacht is ‘Rosenn’ is the last existing Solent One Design, one of the first One Design classes created.   83 more words

Rafael Nadal - Born to fight!

My very first vector illustration of Rafael Nadal! For me he’s much more than just a sports icon, He taught me how to fight and never give up when all odds are against you. 9 more words

Designer Soul


I think it’s high time we got away from practical matters for a while and moved on to the prettier side of doing up a boat. 153 more words