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Questions for Rafa (UPDATED)

Dear Wall Street investment banker,

I apologize for interrupting your busy schedule, but in the off chance you are going to listen to Venezuelan economic… 493 more words


Rafael Ramírez's Sky-high FAIL

Almost two months ago,while visiting Maracaibo, PDVSA President/Oil Minister/Economic Vice-President Rafael Ramírez tried to justify the drastic reduction of international commercial flights to Venezuela in recent months: 164 more words


Ramírez’s report card is in

On July 3rd, our Twitter TLs were filled with the rumor that Rafael Ramírez would leave PDVSA to occupy the Executive Vice-Presidency of Venezuela.

On July 8th, President Maduro said that Ramírez… 659 more words


The underwhelming ascent of the pragmatists

The dust still hasn’t settled in the debate over where the government is headed, vis-a-vis economic policy.

Some people think that #LaSalidaDeGiordani means more pragmatic days are coming… 164 more words

The Economy

July 6: The Right Direction

In an interview on Televen today, the vice-president for the economy, Rafael Ramirez, said that the Venezuelan economy was “heading in the right direction”:

… …

371 more words

Let's wiki-audit PDVSA

Setty just posted a first-glance analysis of PDVSA’s audited financial statements for 2013. How about all you accountants, economists, and number geeks out there wiki the thing? 218 more words


Sin talento en el banquillo

Un estratega de inversiones noruego meses atrás probablemente ya veía venir la nueva crisis en Iraq, ajustó sus proyecciones e hizo recomendaciones a los fondos soberanos de su país. 107 more words

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