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332: November 28th, 2014

Song:  Bombtrack
Artist:  Rage Against the Machine
Album:  Rage Against the Machine (1992)

If you were to look back over all the different music I’ve posted on here and sort the selections by genre you would probably find that I enjoy a wide selection of music but also that I favour certain genres.  107 more words


Cheer Up Sunshine!

Trigger Warnings –

I’ve probably covered this topic before but I am not a sunny man, my disposition, whilst perfectly hospitable, is one of a stone faced man who can only just about force a smile onto his face most of the time. 701 more words


The Dance: A Poem

Naked shame
It’s evidence smeared across the floor
The soul weakened and spread like butter over too much bread
Whore is the only word spoken inside her head… 97 more words


Why Online Shopping is Still a Risk

Recently I’ve been bombarded with ads on Facebook and Twitter about a series of coats from several companies offering them at extremely low prices. So, you already might have guessed what I did; I decided to get one. 641 more words

Known Unknown

Struggles against the norm

See them pushing and swirling in masses.

All lost in some way. Ignorant of the other’s existence. So ignorant that the very existence of them is denied at times. 325 more words


Rage: noun.

Rage: noun.
:a strong feeling of anger that is difficult to control
:a sudden expression of violent anger
:something that is suddenly very popular

Thank you kindly (and most sincerely) Mr. 697 more words

Black Lives Matter

The fact that so many people believe that someone who was unarmed DESERVED to die is terrifying. What kind of world do we live in where the taking of a human life can easily be dismissed by people because said person is deemed to be a thug due to his height, size, and blackness? 242 more words