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Online Activism and Vitriol

Katherine Cross, Words, Words, Words: On Toxicity and Abuse in Online Activism, blog post, 3 January 2014 (link)


I deliberately left enough spaces for readers to assume that I was speaking about white cis middle class feminism, the dreaded “mainstream” variety that it was more acceptable to criticise.

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Not Everyone Wants Your Life

Earlier this week, I had to attend a few all day offsites for work. This meant, among other things, having to spend gobs of quality time with my coworkers. 517 more words

The Fertiles

The Ruby in the Smoke - Philip Pullman

The Ruby in the Smoke is book one of the four part Sally Lockhart series by Philip Pullman. If I’m honest my reasons for picking up this book were not entirely impressive. 608 more words


All my rage and anger in this world is derived from the suffering of my ancestors. Perspective. I need to work harder, not because it proves the character worth of a person or because it will make me more successful, but because my ancestors did not suffer as much as they did just to have me waste it in decadence. 33 more words

Ira // Rage

Mi compañero llama, de nuevo se encuentra a las puertas, mi mano se dirige a girar el picaporte de mi autocontrol mientras mis pies caminan hacia esa especie de asiento donde tomas el papel de puro espectador. 493 more words



Billy Lewis

Awaken sightless, to this humankind, spawned to forefather’s depraved genetics and a retched motherless society. The after birth being a mix of their totalitarianism and the soluble solution of our pain, anguish, misery and blood stained tears. 172 more words