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R is for Ridiculously moody/Rage/Royal pain-in-Jan's-ass

I was not prepared for these mood swings. Considering I was once pregnant (8 years ago), and considering said pregnancy was splendidly perfect, AND considering my usual think-positive, upbeat personality…This whole irritableness is throwing me for a loop. 756 more words


Secrets Raging Bulls HD

Probabilities to Win the NBA Championship at Internet Sports book – 15-1 – The Chicago bulls are definitely receiving some respect in NBA gambling odds. They are just 15-1 and those odds are fairly low. 350 more words


Alternative Finals Study Spaces

It’s officially Saturday. Finals are upon us. Let the complete pandemonium and stress sink in. It is also the last Saturday of my last fall semester at Kenyon (my eyes aren’t watering… it’s just allergies). 310 more words


Soft Drinks pH

In the last few years a debate has been raging in New York courts over soft drink sizes. Urged by health advocates and championed by former mayor Michael Bloomberg, the New York City Board of Health proposed a bill inRead More

Plenty of Fish continued.... Raging Richard

So, we finished on The Weird One didn’t we…. Righto….. Who’s next?
Ahhhh yes…. I remember….

Imagine a young, reasonably attractive, shorter than expected male, with the personality of Victor Meldrew on steroids. 533 more words

Mums Need Wine


The subject for today’s diatribe is cyclists.

This will have one of two effects on readers (that’s if any idiot is still reading this blog; I did say when I started that you shouldn’t waste your time but if you still are, that’s not my lookout), either you will give a quiet cheer and agree, or you will get highly indignant and enraged.  401 more words

#boycottblackfriday & #boycottworldinjustice

‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere'(Dr.MLK),…A concept that those in power are deadly afraid the humble masses will someday recognise.  Take off the blinders people because most of us are in the cargo hold of the same ship, hamsters on the same wheel, victims of the same institutions. ~Britaggies