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When Raging Grannies Speak Out, People Listen

Håvard Bustnes’ (pictured) Norwegian documentary Two Raging Grannies about economic growth, aging and friendship is opening today in Norway.

Word of mouth is already very strong as audiences from preview screenings attended by the main protagonists -91 year-old Shirley Morrison and 84 year-old Hinda Kipnis- have been enthused by the ladies’ fighting spirit.

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I am unable to remain calm,
I am like a raging sea
With waves crashing in every direction.
So why should I stay calm
When even a pin creates ripples 
Without my permission?

Road Rage and Stupidity

Apparently there is this little doohicky that appeared on the internet. Some guy was tailgating her and driving erratically and she refused to speed up. So this guy when passing her while speeding down the highway flicked her off and then suddenly lost control of his car and crashed. 250 more words

It's Only A Game!

I bet a fair few of you have heard that before; however that is way off the mark when you are considering why people are getting angry at their screen. 434 more words


Be the Rock in the Raging River

Infertility has been defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a disease of the reproductive system and the failure to achieve a clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse. 565 more words

Haiku 19 Raging Queen

Called a raging queen.

He is a stand up comic.

Does not make it ok.


Party Fratiquette

Heads up clit stickers, it’s the night of our biggest fucking rager of the semester. If there’s a portion of the night where I can move a foot in any direction, we fucked up worse than Pearl Harbor. 617 more words