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I am RAGING right now!!!

So I have become very aware of my anger issues..

I fell a little behind on last week’s school work that was due yesterday.. Okay.. I fell behind a lot. 447 more words


Subject: How I Met The Bloody Mary In Me

*Ahem, Ahem*

Got your attention?


FYI: This is a sorta, kinda, so-called “response post” to a post from A Mr.Louis from VA:

🌸🌸🌸 238 more words


at peace

in the flowing stream
the lone leaf is at last free
from the raging wind

Haiku - Poetry

Coping isn't Healing

I’ve been sad for weeks now, since before Christmas.  Each day I wake up and it’s still there.  I cry on and off during the day and feel exhausted.  230 more words

Depression Bites Again


Let’s talk about RINOs. For the uninitiated a RINO is someone who although having run for election on the Republican ticket, upon arriving in office began to vote like a Democrat, i.e. 488 more words


a moment of clarity

the raging river
calmed by the ocean’s embrace
reaches a new depth

Haiku - Poetry

R is for Ridiculously moody/Rage/Royal pain-in-Jan's-ass

I was not prepared for these mood swings. Considering I was once pregnant (8 years ago), and considering said pregnancy was splendidly perfect, AND considering my usual think-positive, upbeat personality…This whole irritableness is throwing me for a loop. 756 more words