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Noël approche et j'ai lamentablement échoué à écrire un article "lifestyle"

C’est bientôt Noël !

En l’honneur de cette belle fête, j’ai essayé d’écrire un article “lifestyle” doux et joyeux pour vous encourager à embellir votre maison grâce à des décorations saisonnières.  2,177 more words

Modes D'Emploi

Holy Trinity of Twelve's

Ragnarök is often depicted as a battle, and sometimes as a beast of some kind. But I like the image above as a depiction of Ragnarök. 2,264 more words

December 8, 2014 - Why Wait? - In A Very Different Pastor's Study

So much of religion seems to be based on waiting for something to happen, but how much of the waiting is really necessary? Christians wait for the coming of The Kingdom of God, yet do they need to wait? 52 more words

The Birth of Starhammer

A tale of Bop City
It’s no news to anyone that some artists produce much more powerful quantas than others. This phenomenon has nothing to do with the source performer’s talent, popularity, or personality; Bop’s quanta mechanics have never found any correlation to explain or predict the outcome of the process. 4,522 more words

Rod Miller

Prose Edda 52-53

GQ: After? ALL gods, mankind, Einherjar, dead? Everyone live in some world through all ages?
A: many good and bad places to live. 185 more words

Prose Edda 51

1. Winter!–>Fimbulvetr (Extreme Winter) three of these with extreme war (civil).
2. Winter!–>three of these no sun… 226 more words