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Marvel Phase 3 part 1

It’s been a long week for me, but albeit eventful as well as Marvel recently announced their movie slate for the next 5 years starting from 2015 to 2019. 681 more words

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Marvel Phase 3 - nuff said

When DC announced their movie slate leading up to 2020 this month in a press release they dropped an bomb on superhero movie fans around the world. 153 more words


Possible Plot Connections For Thor: Ragnarok?

One of the movies announced at the El Capitan Theatre event Marvel held was a little title you might remember as being Thor: Ragnarok. While the title alone might make one think about beings like Surtur being thrown into the mix, or cause flashbacks to the Thor tie in for the “Disassembled” story arc, there’s been a number of different easter eggs for the Asgardian already scattered about in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 364 more words

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Marvel Cinematic Universe PHASE 3 REVEALED!


When Marvel revealed the latest line-up of movies going into Phase 3 today, it made my spine tingle with excitement.  One exciting film after another after another (with maybe the exception of… 367 more words

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What's Next From Marvel Studios

Guardians of the Galaxy is the biggest movie of the year. Marvel Studios has become the most profitable franchise in history. Millions of people who will never read a comic book are flocking to see these movies and Marvel just announced what movies we’ll be seeing from them over the course of the next five years. 1,905 more words