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He is coming for me, that foul wolf.

I see his cold eyes honing in as he searches the battlefield.

I hear his subtle growl as he spies by visage among the Heroes that battle at my ankles. 479 more words

Ragnarök #1 Review - Walt Simonson returns to Norse Mythology!

In the 1980’s, it took Walt Simonson nearly 4 years of plotting to get Thor in front of the Midgard Serpent. The newly released Ragnarök… 828 more words


Ragnarök #1 - Review

By: Walter Simonson (writer & artist), Laura Martin (colorist)

The Story: “Would you know yet more?”

The Review: Full of strange ideas and epic dramas, Walter Simonson’s… 1,033 more words


Norse myth 101: Loki's role

Loki’s role is most confusing to pin down. As Ellis Davidson[1] puts it, “he is an ambivalent character, neither wholly good nor wholly bad.” 410 more words


184/365 Today I...have been reading

Today I… finished this book.

I bought it last weekend in a church sale for 50p. I have previously read Possession by AS Byatt as part of my literature course (although I hated it).   257 more words


Ragnarök 1 (July 2014)

Someone, either at IDW or Walt Simonson himself, is doing everyone the great disservice of suggesting Ragnarök is some kind of Thor rip-off IDW is doing just because the character is a Norse god and in the public domain. 136 more words

Comic Pick of the week: Ragnarok #1 (2014 IDW)

Walter (Walt) Simonson is probably best known for his incredible work on Marvel’s Thor in the 80’s. He returns to Norse mythology this week with IDW’s Ragnarok #1, featuring tales of the the destruction of the Nine Worlds. 136 more words