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Ragnarok 02

Ragnarok 2. Active

The Agency sets up its station of command, and Karellen Fenlon retreats to her hotel room after a certain failure.

Ragnarok: A Fun Norwegian Film about Family, Vikings and an Angry Lake Monster

Ragnarok is an earnest little Norweigan film that centers around a family looking for Vikings and finding an angry prehistoric beast. It has a refreshingly simple A/B/C structure and plays like  505 more words

Mark's Movie Reviews

Ragnarok Reaction

I did this last week with the movie Harlock and I really liked writing my reactions down as the movie progressed. So I thought why not make it a reoccurring thing on this blog. 1,080 more words

Live Blogging

Ragnarok Explained

Hi everyone!

I want to start off by apologising (yet again) for my absence. I have just started a new job so that has, unfortunately, been taking all of my attention. 606 more words


Interview with author, Lily Paradis

Author Lily Paradis answers questions about herself, Ignite & her new novel,Volition! 587 more words


Instant Cinefessions: Issue 00 - In the Beginning...

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Instant Cinefessions, a weekly column where Ashe Collins runs down the latest additions to the Netflix Instant Queue service. This column is filled with reviews, recommendations, and more, all available on the Netflix Instant Queue service.  1,034 more words