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Refrigerator Dill Pickles (LID)

Making refrigerator pickles for LID is incredibly easy. The key is using cucumbers specifically for pickling (or using cucumbers you grew yourself). Do not use those dark green things typically found at the grocery store. 188 more words

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Squash Ribbons (LID)

This is a quick, simple, and colorful side dish for LID.

Squash Ribbons

2 zucchini
1 yellow squash
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 clove garlic, minced… 114 more words

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Spicy Roasted Okra (LID)

One of the many joys of no longer having a thyroid is the non-existent metabolism. I have put on 17 pounds since my thyroidectomy surgery in January.  331 more words

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Crusty Bread (LID)

Isn’t this a beautiful loaf of crusty bread? It’s perfect for LID too.

I found the recipe on Pinterest. This crusty bread is incredibly easy to prepare and it is comparable to something you would pay $4 or more for at a bakery. 170 more words

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Now Listening: Cheikha Rimmiti, "Guendouzi Mama"

Friends and classmates of mine from Fabio and Catherine’s fourth year Arabic class at St Andrews will remember Cheikha Rimitti from a translation assignment we did at some point in the fall—personally, I will always associate her with the profoundly stupid mistakes I made translating a passage about Algerian raï music on the exam for that class—but this woman is so much more than simply a name tucked between verbs to look up in Hans Wehr. 30 more words


Rough Guides

I’m currently listening to my “Rough Guide” to World music CDs as I mark books.

Highlights include:

Inspirational Music