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Ulan U-days

If you’re a Russian Buddhist, or Buryat, then Ulan Ude is the town best suited to your demographic. We are none of the above, but we thought we’d have a look anyway because we’re mental like that. 770 more words



I was sitting on a piece of cardboard in a hollowed out blackberry bush just on the other side of the highway from the Eugene train yard. 1,125 more words

Freight Trains

New Valocea Map and national rail info!

Two posts for the price of one! First, the map. It’s been a while, but I’ve made extensive changes/additions and it’s time to post up a new one… 2,028 more words


Railway Remembrances

I am old enough to remember the big coal-fired train engines. They were just being phased out in favour of diesel when I was a young boy. 688 more words

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

CrossCountry, pre-CrossAtlantic

I am writing this post on the train, direct from Durham to Southampton, where the RRS James Cook is currently berthed.

This leg of the journey takes just five and a half hours (at whatever speed Crosscountry trains travel – I don’t think we’ve hit 50 mph yet). 134 more words

The Yellow Door

I open the yellow door!

Through the narrow doorway I step cautiously.

There’s an eerie red-green glow from instrument panels and indicator lights.

Subtle vibrations from the trembling engine shake the two empty chairs in front of me. 89 more words

Freight Trains



  • Excerpt from the zine “Waiting” by Conner CxR

I kicked rocks. Watched cars. Studied the trash caught in the weeds. I read until it was dark out, then stopped. 710 more words

Freight Trains