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After a long absence, back to Valocea!

So recently, with things calming down after the tumultuous last few months, I’ve found my head back in Valocea again. Still working on the mapping, the planning, and of course, the transit. 2,562 more words


A trip to the seaside

At the weekend me and James went on our first day trip with the language school up to the coast. We visited Warnemünde, which is a little village on the north coast, and Rostock, a harbor town to the south of Warnemünde. 1,165 more words


A Day in the Hole

Crab Apple and I had spent the night in the cab of an out of service Union Pacific locomotive cab to get out of the rain and wind. 1,232 more words

Freight Trains

A Forties Farewell

Rail travel featured heavily in the lives of people in 1940s Britain. Cars were rare compared to today, so many journeys were made on trains. Thus, train stations all over Britain became hubs where soldiers and civilians alike began or ended their travels- just imagine how many photographs and films exist which depict London children and new army recruits piling onto a train. 205 more words



What is home? Where do you feel home?

The question(s) had been tossed at him time and again. It dangled, it swayed, often of its own accord — a noose that always stayed in sight. 120 more words


Nearly missed it...

Sunday 17th August 2014, 2.35pm (day 1,088)

… but this family did make their connection in Leeds. As did Clare and I on our way home from London, after an excellent weekend all round.

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