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Railfanning 4/12/14

My Dad is so awesome!  He takes me railfanning even though to me he seems tired.  We went again today, starting at Valley Park.  No longer than 5 minutes after I finished setting the camera up, I saw the telltale headlights coming.   484 more words

A movement toward rebalancing global powers: Germans soon to free themselves ?

”Germany is the economic cornerstone of the E.U. and Germany is “mad as hell at the U.S.” and not going to take U.S. enslavement much longer.”

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Rail Wars!

First and foremost, if A&E, or any of the National networks come across this blog,and start to see dollar signs. Let me announce right now that I want in, and you can pay me handsomely for my contribution! 138 more words

The Romance of the Soot-Spewing Locomotive -- 1909

That parasol was white when she left the house.


Stereograph card titled “Texas and Pacific Railroad ‘Flier,’ Dallas, Tex.” (1909), from the Library of Congress. 6 more words

Dallas TX

Burning Issue: Railroads Oppose Minimum Crews on Crude Oil Trains

On Wednesday, April 9, 2014, the Federal Railroad Administration, a division of the U.S. Department of Transportation, announced that it would issue a proposed rule requiring two-person train crews on crude oil trains… 669 more words

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Tower of Radiant Energy

Where Ælita, Queen of Mars, met Energy Guardian Gor to get him to show her Earth through his newfangled teleoscope, in the marvelous 1924 Russian science fiction film.

I Is For Iron Horse


I is for the Iron Horse. We’ve all seen the Western film scene where the Plains Indian (hey, another I word) looks at the long track and smoke belching locomotive and says something stupid like, “Heap big Iron Horse bring more White Eyes.” I have to wonder if an Indian ever used the words… 388 more words