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Where is the database?

I have just watched an interesting conversation between Martin Fowler and Badri Janakiraman about #hexagonalrails, and in particular about the role of databases. The central question in the discussion is whether the database should be considered outside or inside the domain.  174 more words

Software Development

A Very Short List of Criticisms

Hey there, my name is Ching. I’m on week 8 of Bloc’s Full-Stack Web Development course. This week I’m (STILL!!) working on Blocmarks. In this post I’m going to discuss some changes I would love to see in Bloc’s program or additional features they could implement. 498 more words


Timeout exception with Rails mailer and disabling IPv6 on Ubuntu server

I attempt to setup email notifications in my Rails application and get exception

Net::OpenTimeout (execution expired)

My SMTP settings:

  address: smtp.gmail.com
  port: 465
  authentication: plain
  tls: true
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Postgres in Yosemite

I have just updated to Yosemite and my worst fears have come true. The first problem that I have faced so far is running postgres. As soon as I try to start rails server, I get this error: … 223 more words


Upgrading to Rails 4.2.0.beta2 ( aka upgrading to rspec-rails 3.1.x )

Here is the process we went through to get our tests passing after upgrading our Rails app from Rails 4.1 to Rails 4.2.0.beta2.

1) We updated the rails gem version and ran bundle update, and found these gems needed to be upgraded to resolve dependencies: 444 more words