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A Dash of Public Health: Nature's Medicine Cabinet - What do we really lose when we deplete our rain forests?

Due to rainforest destruction, the earth loses an estimated 137 plant, animal and insect species every day. As the rainforest disappears, so do many potentially valuable drugs. 528 more words

A Dash Of Public Health

wasteland tropical!

Tropical humid.
Hot scorching.
Torrential rains.
Welcome to.
The rainforest.

Do you hear.
Welcome to wasteland!

Crazy Horse


AGS students hiking through the Costa-Rican rain forests.

Day 200

Day 200

Monday 24 Mar 2014

DAY TWO HUNDRED?!?!??!! How can that be?

Laura and I headed up to the Blue Mountains and to finally check out Scenic World. 76 more words


An Open Letter to the UK Government, on behalf of all Authors

I first wrote a letter like this in 2011. The law has not changed since then! Fortunately though, the UK Government today has yet another chance to get it right, as today Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne makes his Budget Statement. 587 more words


Twin Trees, Deforestation and Climate Change

Twin Trees the latest Planet First Clothing design from Chris Elliott symbolises the importance of trees to the long term survival of the planet 164 more words