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Springbreak | September 25th - October 6th

Diesmal sind keine Wörter notwendig, die Bilder sprechen für sich | No words needed, just pictures

Cairns & Fitz Roy Island with rain forests and hiking… 344 more words

Feathered Dragons of the New World...

As any school kid knows, Columbus was not the first European to reach the Western Hemisphere. That was Leif Ericson almost 500 years earlier. But the Norseman’s voyage took him to the northern climes, where cold-weather Dragons frolicked with narwhals and hunted the Grand Banks for seal and sword fish. 638 more words

Dragon Keeper's Handbook

Black Diamond Storm

Over the years  I have used a variety of things when trekking through jungles. There are a couple of things that are a must in any and every situation.   383 more words

Black Diamond

Filling the Bowl

This Website Project is like an empty bowl. It is filled with the Art of Brewing as well as the interaction and response of the drinker. 100 more words

Beyond Organic

Liberia and Norway Collaborate

An interesting article about the two countries entering into a deal to curb deforestation:


I’ve mentioned this before but many years ago I watched a documentary about the (senseless) destruction of rain forests and there were those who believed cutting down the rain forests released many types of dangerous virus into the atmosphere.

In The News


Taking so much time to be in the sounds and arts and events and studios only to be depopularized and censored, hated and ignored and marginalized by those who have not stepped out of babylon and the evil in high places…… has been great sacrifice. 184 more words

Beyond Organic

Forest Intelligence

Forest intelligence

The Ancient forests are magnificent and becoming ever more rare. They are the source of the most diverse array of life on the planet. 879 more words