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Not the weather for making blankets

Crocheting away under 100% wool yarn whilst making an ever growing blanket or 3 is not really the best occupation for this weather. And glorious weather it is! 330 more words

Rainbow Moonstone and Garnet Sterling Silver Hair Pin Comb Stick

This unique hair pin comb or stick is set with genuine Garnet and Rainbow Moonstone. Crafted with of sterling silver with detailed beadwork, it is marked 925.

Hello Sunshine!

とーっても暑い!けど、お日様大好き〜!こんな日に私たちはcamino irisの可愛くてカラフルなビキニを着ながら、いっぱい作品作ってるよ!楽しくてしょうがない!SUMMER 最高〜♡ どんなデザインできるかな?今週末のイベントに出します!楽しみにしててね⭐
Currently wearing our cute colorful bikinis while making more colorful tops! We love sunshine, we love summer! Can’t wait to show you all our new top collection♡ Come join us at our first music event next Saturday! 10 more words