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Both sides of the same coin

August salon really got our brains humming! Jesse‘s thoughtful documentary about raising (and eating) Mangalitsa pigs was a rare treat.

Adorable, right?

It inspired me to simultaneously eat less and better meat, ironically to the exclusion of pork products. 414 more words

As the day breaks...

It was hard getting up at 5am but worth it. This A.M. we saw the owls again, photographed the female and some breathtaking blazing sunrise photos, as well as rainbows over the Flat Irons. 8 more words

Focus On The Positive Moments Of Life... Relive Those Beautiful Moments!

Hello there, welcome to my little world.
Focus on the positive moments of life!
Relive Those Beautiful Moments.

Life is full of twists and turns. We encounter many unexpected events in our life; some of them cheerful and some of them devastating. 486 more words

A quick hello..

This blog is the beginning my tomorrow. You know, that really wet band of weather we are expecting? (Tad morbid, let’s try that again..)

This is my weather blog, the blog which will give you snippets of forecasts, explanations of the terms, of what I believe is forecast for the Winter of 2023 and also, I’ll treat you to lessons about the weather, so you too, can become a household meteorologist. 15 more words


A Rainbow During A Storm

It was dark and stormy when I left work yesterday.  After getting in my car I looked out the windshield and immediately opened the car door, jumped out into the storm and grabbed my digital camera from the trunk. 158 more words

My Life Now

Rainbow for my rainbow baby

I saw this lovely wooden stackable rainbow toy online somewhere and just had to buy it for my rainbow baby*. And because it looked like fun, I got this other… 121 more words


Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Sparkling animation of Judy Garland merged with a floral rainbow. 7 more words