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Water, water everywhere...

It’s pretty ironic that, with all the water falling on my head down here in the rainforest, I should be having problems with water. Potable water, that’s it. 771 more words

The Forest Giraffe (Okapi)

The Giraffoidea are a superfamily of artiodactyl mammals. They first evolved in the Miocene and they share a common ancestor with the deer and antelopes (and a slightly more distant common ancestor with hippos, pigs, and cows). 544 more words


Build a Rainforest in your Classroom - Plants

In a previous post I talked about how I set up the beginnings of the rainforest in my classroom.  Once that was done we used our class rainforest as the jumping off point for multiple learning activities.   663 more words


Cat's Claw

Traditionally used in Peruvian medicine for treatment of a wide range of health problems.

The root and bark contain oxindole alkaloids that increase the immune response in the body, act as antioxidants to rid the body of free radicals, promote the healing of wounds, and even help with memory. 177 more words


Ramble in a rainforest

The  rain lashes out on the wind shield as we drive down the winding roads to our destination Valparai . Wondering  if the rain could hinder our plans on this trip , I demolish that thought immediately, rain being one of the main character of a rainforest .   801 more words


Protecting Natures Treasure Trove

Rainforest are one of the most important ecosystems the world has and sadly the irreplaceable assets are continually disappearing, with an approximately 240 square miles of trees are being cut down daily meaning we are losing at least an 100 species of plant and animal a day. 210 more words