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Volcanic Wonder

The volcanoes extending along the Pacific coast from Guatemala to Panama in Central America are truly sights to behold. Some are dormant, many are very active, but all are beautiful feats of nature native to this part of the world. 114 more words


Rainforest Critters

More Rainforest Symphony critters as seen at Moody Gardens, Galveston, TX. Many of the wildlife were roaming freely and had no name plates. So I have no way to identify them. 35 more words


Brazil – Energy

There is only so much you can do with a samba carnival. Unless you take fun seriously, all that energy is wasted.   Nice while it lasted but soon forgotten. 504 more words


Indonesia makes you dream...

Indonesia is one of my favorite destinations for far. The nature makes you so calm, crystal clear waters to dive in, mountains that remind you of how small you are, and rain forests to explore. 22 more words


Sometimes, rainforest creatures come to you...

My first night of a 4 month field season, I settled down to sleep listening to the buzzes and squawks of the jungle night, mosquito net carefully tucked in all around my mattress. 563 more words


Acid Rain.... The invisible killer

In the 19th century, an english chemist made the connection between the air pollution within London an the acidity of the city’s rainfall. Which means that Acid Rain isn’t and wont be just a 21st century problem. 254 more words


Being a visionary in the jungle

About two weekends ago, one of the guys who owns some land in my street dropped by so he could show his plot to a potential buyer. 675 more words