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Strong winds today.

I’ve paid my bills and I have food in my fridge so life could be worse :-) The pain is now gone in my left side in my back but just as strong as before in my right but things are moving the right way anyway. 423 more words

This And That.

Rain Rain, Go Away

Things have been crazy lately and I have not been writing. It’s terrible and there’s no excuse for it, I know.
Tonight I realized that writing out my thoughts and feelings is so therapeutic to me, its one of the best ways for me to deal with me recent anxiety and maybe I’ll actually get a good sleep tonight, so here goes… 588 more words

Self Reflection

Just keeps raining

Bare trees from wind and rain. — http://ift.tt/1tN8oEQ by lablover0000


Raining? Try these wacky umbrellas

Tired of getting wet when it is raining? Try some of these wacky umbrellas to lighten the mood as it keeps you dry. They even have umbrellas for dogs. 314 more words


I tell myself there will be bad days...

Yes, there will be bad days, plenty of them at that.

Days that you bite your tongue in order not to scream at the girl who goes on and on about a boy who clearly doesn’t give a fuck about her…and you know that, but she doesn’t. 230 more words


2 seasons

leaves are falling
eyes with longing
useless work of tomorrow
get drunk i feel low.

winter is wrong
three months is long
heater and a sweater
i still don’t care.


Friday the 19th of September - Going Inland

We had a fairly lazy morning with a sleep in. There’s no set plan for today, we’re just going up the coast. We drove for a little bit on a road overlooking the ocean and then pulled in to a little town called St Raphael for morning tea. 391 more words