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I wonder where it went.

I have very little inspiration today, can’t think of anything to write about. It has snowed some and then it rained some and then the sun showed for a few seconds they say. 115 more words

This And That.

The Inevitable plunge

So imagine you are going to your favorite camp. On the bus ride there you expect the sun shining through window warming your skin and your friends goof around and fall out of their seats and the usual long bus ride stuff happens. 682 more words

School's started

Which means I’m back, for who knows how long…Probably all semester. Now that I’m back to being stressed out on a weekly basis, I’ll have plenty of stuff to write about and plenty of procrastination time in which to do it. 416 more words

Cdukulele's Life.

It felt like spring.

I worked in the neighbor factory today and it felt like spring when I walked back to my ordinary work place. It was warm and cloudy, no wind and the birds sang spring songs. 255 more words

This And That.

Now we have two, at least.

I was a bit lucky today, I drove to work before the rain started to fall and they had fixed the roads when I was driving home. 625 more words

This And That.

I like people

 I Like People Who Smile When It’s Raining. :-)



It was a holiday for me today,  i could not convince myself to get out of the cozily warm layers of blanket. It was raining outside, the perfect weather took me 15 years back to 27th May. 140 more words