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Day #90 Mess-Free Finger Painting!

Izzy and Boo are really starting to enjoy playing together.  Izzy has reached the point where she now has the physical ability to actively join in with Boo’s energetic antics which is so lovely to watch. 227 more words

Day #89 Water Doodles

Something that I pull out quite regularly for Boo to play with is our ‘Aqua Doodle’.  It’s a fab activity for when you want to let your little one be creative and messy, but don’t want to deal with the actual ‘mess’. 134 more words

Day #87 Ssss POP!

I was trying to tidy up our spare room and hunt down some Christmas wrapping paper when Boo managed to find my bubble wrap stash! 164 more words

Day #86 Beading Around!

After a really busy morning at pre-school I needed an activity that Boo could sit and do quietly.  He is slowly starting to drop his afternoon nap so I am on the hunt for activities that can keep him quietly occupied in the afternoons whilst Izzy is asleep. 88 more words

Day #76 Milky Masterpieces

by Sara le Roux,  Owner and Inspirer at The Creation Station Penistone and District

We had such fun with our ‘milk paint’ that I thought we should try to create a milky masterpiece…. 114 more words

Creative Fun

Day #75 Edible Rainbows

by Sara le Roux,  Owner and Inspirer at The Creation Station Penistone and District

After a busy afternoon at a 4th birthday ‘Arty Party’ I got home and needed a snacky pick-me-up – what better time to do a ‘make’ with Boo! 99 more words

Creative Fun

Day #78 Target Practice!

Boo was totally hyper today!

After a very brief nap when he got home from pre-school he was fully charged like the energizer bunny and there was no way I was getting him to sit down and focus on a table-based activity. 274 more words