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Spotlight for Raised By Author Sharon Stevenson


In a world where magic crashed to earth in a rusty spaceship full of starving blood suckers, it’s not easy being a reanimated dead guy. 1,293 more words

Whitney Young Students Help Raise, Release Snapping Turtles

CHICAGO (CBS) – Whitney Young Magnet High School students had their hands full in southern Illinois on Friday, as they helped release endangered turtles students from across the state had adopted and raised for seven months. 373 more words


Pretty parrot 2

This was how I left my work bench last night having stitched the two wired leaves and the wired wing. I wasn’t happy with the shading on the wing so I’ll be stitching another one today and I’ve added a extra shade or two which I may or may not use.


Did You Know: US Meat Labels Reveal Origins – Show Born, Raised, Slaughtered Locales

Source: Natural Society, by Elizabeth Renter

Did you know that while meat in the US has been labeled with the country of origin, it now includes… 246 more words


Bioskinrepair Scar Cream for Removal of Keloid Scars Treatment

THICK SCARS: There are certain people that are genetically prone to making “bad” scars. Believe it or not, these are actually people that are prone to over healing. 317 more words

Uk SimplySleeper Raised Air Bed

Raised bed gardens, or gardens that are planted in elevated or terraced areas, are very popular in many parts of the world, and have been a tried and true gardening method for centuries. 230 more words