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Raisin bread

There are quite a few celebrities celebrating their birthdays today. Jodie Foster (love her!), Meg Ryan (romcom queen) and Larry King (does he still have a show?). 162 more words

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The Raisin-Studded Bread of Baguio Country Club

It was October 18, 2014, a Saturday when I first tasted BCC’s famous raisin bread. It was my friends’ birthday party in one of the cottages and aside from the meat and pasta on the table, they also served breads and cakes. 526 more words

• cinnamon brioche • | 22/10/14

my first time making brioche (with elbow grease)! Recently, I tried a delightful citron brioche loaf from a café called The Bread Table and it inspired me to try bake brioche bread. 59 more words


What I'm into now../Things I'm Loving Monday 7

I got the idea to post this segment from the wonderful Julie Flagan over at pbfingers.com. It’s a little survey type of blog which goes over some cute topics and is a fun read. 392 more words