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Back Bone: Walking For The Heart

I’m walking in the American Heart Association’s 5K Heart Walk to raise funds for heart disease and stroke research and education. I have joined the team The Super Santori’s to stand by my friend Heather’s side as we walk in memory of her dad who recently passed away. 103 more words

Possessions v Memories

Just a quick note before I start today’s blog. Below is an article that has just been published about me on the News and info section of the Join Dementia Research website. 336 more words

Dementia Voices

Don't Choke on Your Newspaper

The media is not there to help or inform us in any way.

On one hand, this may seem obvious, yet on the other hand its very existence appears to represent the opposite, that the news outlets and newspapers are there to keep us up-to-date with current events, latest health discoveries etc. 302 more words

Raising Awareness

Fingers crossed day!

Today, I’m due to get my first delivery of the trial drugs I spoke about in a previous blog. I’ll hopefully be taking Minocycline, which is an antibiotic currently used for the treatment of acne. 217 more words


#SmearForSmear Raise awareness for #CervicalCancer @JoTrust


Please join Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust’s #SmearForSmear campaign to raise awareness about the importance of attending your smear test.


1 in 5 eligible UK women don’t attend their smear test, rising to 1 in 3 of 25-29 year olds and, worryingly, the numbers being diagnosed with cervical cancer are going up. 224 more words

Milton Keynes Mums

Basic Facts About Dwarfism


– People with dwarfism are usually no taller than 4 foot 10 inches.
– The word “midget” is considered highly offensive. 232 more words

Different Is Beautiful

Jam Ears

“Is it contagious”
“Will you also lose your hearing”
“Does it skip a generation”
“Can it be fixed”
“Is sign language different for each language e.g. 318 more words