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It Was All So Simple

As we were celebrating Ella’s birthday, we were remincing about the early years.  At the time they seemed hard and there were days that I thought I would never get through.   271 more words

Spring Break

With the brutal weather conditions that have plagued the northern half of the country this past winter: from snow storm after snow storm, to rain in record-breaking proportions, I am grateful for the ritual of Spring Break. 84 more words


Micro-Managing or Lessons in Life?

For those who have followed Cheeky Kids for a while now will recall that, at times, I share my own parenting experiences as I journey through parenthood, minus a manual, script or even direction signage. 1,070 more words


Our Parenting Styles Report

Are you sending mixed signals to your children?

Do you have questions about how your partner handles certain situations with the children?

Do the children know which of you to go to get what they want? 138 more words


Helen Droop - Female - 47 - "The Choice Letters" - 2004 [3 of 7]

Dear Mrs. Choice!
Umm, excuse me but misinterpretation? Misinterpretation between me and my son!?
Are you f##ing serious?

You DO NOT raise the child!

I raise the child! 505 more words

A Tale of an Afghan Refugee

I just finished Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns.  It’s an intense read, well worth it, and not quite as brutal as The Kite Runner, … 844 more words

Raising Children

10 More Things, Episode 5

By Staci Pace

And continues…

41.  Go ahead and get used to saying: “Stop that.” “Don’t do that.” “Put that down.” “Be quiet.” You’ll never stop. 256 more words