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Filling a Rainbow

This morning I pulled myself out of bed–grab my torso and heave, clamp onto my legs, “Come on.” Whew, I was up. I shuffled downstairs to start the pancakes–plugging in the griddle and pulling the whole wheat flour, the baking powder, the salt out of the cupboard. 178 more words

Guest Blog Post: Guys ... Your Wife is Good. Really Good. by Kevin Lahner

Admit it guys. You all have done that thing where you roll your eyes when the latest story comes across your Twitter feed featuring the salary a stay-at-home mom would make were she actually paid for her work. 874 more words

climbin' fences

This winter when the raging nor’easters brought blizzards galore, the snow piled and piled and piled up in the softball diamond beside my house, until my eight year old daughter, Leila, could skip right over them with a crouch and a roll. 632 more words


Scared of the Sad

“Mama! I can’t watch this!”

I’m surprised her little voice was audible, as my ear was harshly pressed against the coffee maker, willing the gurgling noise into existence. 489 more words

Simple Clouds

Simple Clouds

One summer day we arrived at the amusement park.  It was very warm, one of those hot and sticky days.  The blacktop road had absorbed the heat from the previous day and just radiated.   418 more words


Gutsy Love {For Conversations about Sexuality and Intimacy}

On my desk sit books upon books about sex. Yep, you’ve got it. Sex. All these books stacked up and some overflowing on the floor. I myself have sat at this desk with these books now for… 1,079 more words


Someone will teach Baby Cobb.

Here’s what has been on my mind the last few days…

Actually, let me give you 2 bits of information that help make sense of what I’ve been thinking on. 732 more words