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Raising Children

Raising children
This is not something to be taken on lightly. It is not a hobby but an investment you make for life (yours and theirs). 772 more words


right now: family float

we took the whole gang down the upper green river

lovely afternoon indeed


First Presidential Candidate for 2044 Throws His Hat in the Ring

“Mama, how did President Obama get to be President?” Cooter asked me today as I was fixing his lunch.

I explained that the President had to tell everyone his ideas and the people who liked them voted for him.  366 more words

Sticks and Stones -The Power of Words

Words are powerful. My dad was an English teacher and word junkie so we were always taught to use our words carefully. The lesson has stuck with me and I have found that in raising my kids, I’m careful about not using vocabulary words that I don’t like. 413 more words

Simple Apology

Simple Apology

“I am……….s….so…..sor…..sorr……sorry!”

Whew! Those three words are sometimes the hardest words I have ever uttered.

I use to hate to admit when I was wrong. 481 more words


Open Letter to You Amazing Single Moms

Friends of mine will sometimes pause in reflection on my life as a single mom and say, “Rachel, I don’t know how you do it”. And honest to God, neither do I. 506 more words