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The Cost of Raising a Daughter

A recent USA Today article started with these words: “New parents beware, Your little angle is going to cost you a bundle.” According to the latest data it costs $245,000 to raise child from birth to age 18? 386 more words

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A Letter to My Sons: 25 Things I Want My College-Aged Sons To Know

Dear sons,

I remember many years ago when you were both very young, when your grandmother (my mother-in-law) said to me:  “Enjoy your children while you can, they’ll be grown and gone from home before you know it.”  I remember I smiled when she said that.   2,435 more words


on being present

This week was crammed full of school, work, and long days away from home. But today I got to hang out with Remy while Tom taught his morning class. 825 more words

Raising Kids

An Hour of Darkness

Lunch time was fast approaching and kids eagerly  awaited the meal. Half way into preparation, the electricity tripped off. Television and other electrical appliances in the house also went off. 385 more words

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Parenting Means Catching Vomit in Your Bare Hands ... and Other Things

Oh, Parenting, you wild and wonderful adventure, you. Just when we think we’ve got you all figured out, you remind us we never had a clue. 114 more words