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Where the F*** are my Slippers?

I am constantly asking my children to wear their slippers in the house, as our floors are hard and easy to slip on in socks. It doesn’t matter how many times I ask, it always seems to be surprising news to them. 686 more words


How to Find Your Passion

If you asked me right now “What’s your passion?”, I would say empowering others. I love to give of myself, and empower others with my knowledge and resources. 861 more words

The Myth of the Spoiled Child or, How To Make Every Parent Insecure

Complaints that kids today are lazy, entitled, and self-centered tend to be accompanied by a pile of prescriptions for how to improve them: Impose clear expectations and firm limits, then hold children “accountable” (in other words, punish them if they disobey); push them toward self-sufficiency; insist that self-worth and positive comments from others must be earned; provide plenty of experiences with competition and failure; promote self-discipline and grit. 1,043 more words


What kind of second-rate planet IS this, anyway?

Just when I think my life can’t get any more weirder . . . I go home. Seriously. It’s not that something weird hasn’t happened, it’s that something weird hasn’t happened YET. 495 more words


Where Have All the Crunchy Granola Moms Gone?

I was taken aback the first time someone referred to me as a Crunchy Granola Mom. It was years ago, after my first son was born. 432 more words

How to Raise Successful Kids

I’ve been a single parent for almost 7 years. Here’s some of the strategies that I use to raise my kids, J.C. and Nicolaus, to be successful in every area of their life: 861 more words