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I feel like things are spinning out of control. And as a mother at least some semblance of control is necessary to function in the day to day. 634 more words


On becoming a mom in law school

Other than mentioning how crazy life is (and missing my weekly post occasionally), I haven’t written much about being a mom in law school. This week, my law school hosted a small lunch for some of the students-who-are-parents. 819 more words


"Keeping Up with The Joneses?"

I know that I am not the only mother that wonders why raising kids is a competition to some. As a mom of three pretty awesome kids (I’m sure everyone thinks the same of their own kids), I find that there are so many moms that are attempting to “Keep Up With the Joneses”! 234 more words

Granite State

Who Pead on the Floor?

I was cleaning up after dinner last night and this is what I saw:

So then I started thinking, should I ask, “Who peed on the floor?” or “Who pead on the floor?” Which makes the better pun? 269 more words

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A New Beginning

Blogging has always been something that I have done on the side as a fun and therapeutic way to express myself. I am by no means a professional writer. 255 more words

Granite State

There Is No Box

There is No Box

Fit neatly into the little area we have reserved for you.  That’s the general message.

It’s abundantly clear, though, that there is no box to fit into for parenting. 815 more words