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Prayer prompt for Saturday, Dec. 20

As a parent, few things make me feel as validated as when my kids open up to me about their problems. How much more does God listen & care!


To My Baby Boy (Letter #1)

Readers: Family is one of the most important parts of my life! I have added a “Family” section to this blog in which I will post all things related to being a wife, mom, daughter and sister. 368 more words


Being Mary: Ordinary Mamas Playing Extraordinary Roles

Albert Einstein, Johann Sebastian Bach, Bill Gates, Billy Graham – these are some very iconic men.  Do you ever wonder if their mamas knew they would be great?   1,161 more words


I Hate Pink

To be perfectly honest, it just isn’t a color that appeals to me. I feel the same way about yellow and grey. Not for me. 506 more words

Raising Kids

A letter to my Stubborn Child who is trying to have me committed

Dear mini me,

I call you mini me for a reason and it is not just because you are the exact replica of my younger self. 644 more words


Doll House for Son, Plane Set for Daughter

“WHY ARE YOU LETTING HER PLAY AIRPLANES???” She screamed at me. Arms flailing. Furious. This was how I was reprimanded by a 3-year old. She was my daughter’s playmate. 499 more words


The Mom Awards

A couple of years ago we had a sleepover at our house where each of my three kids had two friends spend the night for no special holiday or reason.   726 more words