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Down With the Thickness 2: Stay at Home Dad Boogaloo Part 1

I know this site has been really quiet these past few months. I’ve got a very good reason for that: on April 1st I got married to the most wonderful woman on the planet. 953 more words

Rant Alert

Father Forgets

Listen Son, I am saying this as you lie asleep, one little hand crumpled under your cheek
and blonde curls sticky over your wet forehead. I have broken into your room alone. 616 more words


One of the Guys

One of the Boys

It isn’t often that we run around town and do errands and generally exhaust ourselves.  Still…that’s what this weekend was.  I had Friday off and as a result I took the kids to the movies. 472 more words

Day 29 in a month of writing: "Kids Will Be Kids" Unless Parents Don't Let Them

Before I had two college coeds of my own I spent over twenty years supervising college students and prior to that I was a college student myself. 1,401 more words

Lord and Savior (Prayer Devotional for the week of September 28, 2014)

Two of my kids are rehearsing for a Shakespeare play this fall, and understanding the dialogue can be as tricky as reading the King James Version of the Bible. 353 more words


I love being a Mom

Another day, we were going to bed and Anastasia told me:

“Mommy, I wish you were my sister.”

“Why?”- I asked.

“Because we would be the same size and we would do everything together FOREVER!”   I started to cry. 437 more words


A W.T.F. Kind Of Day

I have often been told that my blog is positive and upbeat and for the most part I try to keep it that way! But just to show you that I am capable of complaining I will just this one time complain a little. 698 more words