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A Proud Mama Has to Gloat!

I have some pretty amazing kids.

Sunday morning, my youngest posted a comment on Facebook that made this abundantly clear.

“The shit I find on my newsfeed.

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A Mother And Her Sons

This summer has been the most busy, jam-packed summer I have ever had since becoming a wife or mother.  It was already scheduled to be a short summer due to school testing.   741 more words

Daily Life

A Black Boy's Mother...Conflicted

I am the mother of a black boy in America… and I am conflicted. I thought I had this parenting thing down, but now I feel like I am raising him all wrong. 678 more words

In Praise of Raising Boys

I remember the ultrasound tech’s words in San Antonio 16 years ago when she told us we were expecting a little boy,

“If I’m wrong, I need to go sell shoes or something.” 528 more words


The Beginning

I always knew I wanted kids.

I had it all set out and planned in my mind just exactly how I was going to raise them. 300 more words


It's A . . . what we're having, and how we're taking it all

I’ve never had to wrestle a pair of tights onto kicking, squirming legs. Never had to untangle and braid a head of baby-fine hair. Never had to search through vacuum cleaner dust for Barbie’s other shoe. 813 more words


Mentoring Responsibility

“One of the reasons I think adolescence is perpetuated is because we don’t let our children bear the weight of responsibility.” - James MacDonald

Young men do not mysteriously become “self-starters”, “go-getters” and “commitment honorers” — in most cases they need to see it modeled, and they need to practice getting up off the video game couch and engaging consistently. 560 more words

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