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About Boys, and the Mothers Who Love Them

As a single mother raising two boys, there is still much about parenting that is a mystery to me.

My father calls my children, “The Destroyers.” 619 more words


Leadership, Authority, Empowerment, & Recognition

I come to you and to myself at this hour very tired. Even the amount of time it took my computer to fully load, I contemplated not waiting on it and returning back to sleep but I realize that not every necessary task is an easy one and that this work that I have committed myself to its important. 1,044 more words


Hello all!

If you are reading this, know that I’m glad you are here. Allow me to take you through my story.

I am soon to be 23 (January) and I have a beautiful bouncing boy! 293 more words


Conquering Can't

“Not within a thousand years would man ever fly.” 

Wilbur Wright himself spoke these words!  Out of frustration and failed attempts at flight, Wilbur made this statement to his brother just a few, short years before he and Orville took their first controlled flight in a powered aircraft.   883 more words


Thank You Kind Stranger

“I was on the seat in the back. I felt the bus moving away. I saw  everybody, even Nathan on the ground as the bus went. 819 more words


"A Mother's Prayers for Her Son" by Rob & Joanna Teigen == Susan Karsten's latest book review

This book will give you a jumpstart and much food for thought about your son(s). With 77 specific topics covered and example prayer wording, you will be motivated and inspired to cover your dear child in prayer. 59 more words


My youngest is turning 29 tomorrow

The air in Southern California has finally turned cool, and today it was in the 60’s…unbelievable that fall has arrived, thank you.
I love this time of year….after Halloween is over; it reminds me of this special time of year. 109 more words