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Laundry - Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

A lady carrying her Laundry in the early morning on the way heading to the Udaipur Lake.


BERA- THE LAND OF LEOPARDS and 5 reasons why you need to visit it, with Twine Outdoors

Wildlife enthusiasts in India may have heard of Bera before. The leopards lair, it’s sometimes called. But for those who haven’t heard of Bera before today, here are 5 excellent reasons for why Bera in Rajasthan would make a brilliant foray into the world of wildlife. 712 more words


The Ancient art of Story Telling

I sat watching TV the other day catching the best parts of all interesting shows- read flipping through the channels, when my ears caught the rhythmic notes of a Rajasthani folk singer’s strong voice. 518 more words

6 Popular Festivals of Rajasthan

Celebration of the true spirit of Rajasthan can be witnessed during the innumerable festivals organized here throughout the year. These festivals are splendid opportunities for tourists to experience the life and culture of Rajasthan, as these festivals are a unique blend of the socio-cultural elements. 1,815 more words


The Rajasthan Rendezvous... Again! (Part I)

Saturday, 09th Aug 2014

0345 hrs

It is not very often that one gets to wake up before four in the morning, especially when one has slept at around two that very morning and still be happy. 1,288 more words

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