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William Saturn: Third Party Rushmore (2013)

The work alters Mount Rushmore to feature the top four third party and independent candidates from the past 25 years. 259 more words

Libertarian Party

Corporations Spy on Nonprofits with Impunity by Ralph Nader

Dandelion Salad

by Ralph Nader
The Nader Page
August 22, 2014

Here’s a dirty little secret you won’t see in the daily papers: corporations conduct espionage against US nonprofit organizations without fear of being brought to justice. 1,061 more words


Why I like Ralph Nader's proposed Anti-Corporatist Left-Right Alliance

It has come to my attention that Ralph Nader (the consumer advocate and repeat third party candidate who regardless of what one thinks of him really needs no introduction) has recently put out a book titled: … 436 more words



“Share the story of at least one object with which you’re on a first-name basis,” today’s Daily Prompt suggests.

I generally don’t go around giving names to inanimate objects. 296 more words


Chrysler, GM introduce new safety chiefs — but will it be enough?

After a record 40 million recalls in the first half of this year, automakers are realizing they need safety advocates on their senior management teams. But consumer champion Ralph Nader says the new safety roles aren’t good enough. 589 more words


this Pressed: What the Democratic Party Does Well: Doing Itself In | Ralph Nader


Ralph Nader(Consumer advocate, lawyer and author) “My message to Democrats is: Dump your corporate consultants. Just campaign for the necessities of the people. 75 more words