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I realize this is a tad bit late.. :P (lol)

Also; I know that a lot of other people feel the same way about Ramadan in America (and the West, in general). 98 more words


I was organizing all my online portfolios a couple of days ago, and i found really old pictures, so i thought of sharing them with you, with their stories… 249 more words


Buginese people the sea gypsies.

I’m in north Lombok, 60 km away from the ferry for Sumbawa Island. The road takes me from the mountains directly to the sea. In the mountains it was just cold enough to feel fresh and enjoy the ride, but after half an hour I can feel the sun, my helmet becomes a small sauna. 1,280 more words

Lost In East

Our World in Pictures: A rare glimpse into the Kingdom of Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – In August 2013, I set out to visit the new Royal Palace in Kuala Lumpur and join hundreds of devoted Malaysians to welcome and greet their Royal Monarch.  1,042 more words

Yemeni man takes himself out of 'Father of the Year' competition

While there were many times my own parents likely felt the need to, as they say, “drop the bomb” on me during my formative years, they were on the whole quite subdued in their response to my youthful antics. 210 more words

The World

(dis)Connected life - Are we became mad of connected devices?

Waiting for my flight to Johannesburg

I give you today a photo taken at Mohammed V airport at Casablanca (Morocco)! It was the day before… 412 more words

Picture Of The Day

The Living Dead Has Broken the Fast, Ramadan, Rabat, Morocco - 2002

In this painting everyone is rushing home to eat, for soon it will be sunset and this is the holy month of Ramadan – a time of fasting. 62 more words