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Mecca to Medina

Abraham’s Many Sons – Islam
Advent 18
Quick Yogurt Wake-up

The children’s song, though usually sung by just one religion, applies to three. “Father Abraham had many sons; had many sons had Father Abraham; I am one of them; and so are you.” Abraham believed he was to leave his homeland and travel so that he could become the father of a new nation. 1,252 more words


These days there is a conflict between those who wish to observe Christmas at the exclusion of all other religious or non-religious traditions, and those who want to be so absolutely politically correct that they say a phrase that is so generic it sounds impersonal. 213 more words

A Mini Ramadan

Happy Thursday evening! So as the title of this post entails, I have been doing a mini Ramadan for the past week! And by a mini Ramadan, I mean that I’ve been making up for the days I did not fast during Ramadan. 582 more words