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Reflecting on Christian Muslim Relations: Dr. Kenneth Cragg

In the years 1957 to 1962, the Near East Christian Council published a sequence of Study Papers under the title OPERATION REACH, of which there were five series, covering some fifty different, and basic, topics in Islam. 762 more words


Heading Back to the Sandbox

Back to the sandbox August 25

The summer surely flew by, mostly because one month of it was all devoted to Ramadan, leaving me with one month of indulging on the decently priced restaurants, meeting up with non-Muslim friends during the day, to enjoy a lunch/dinner! 519 more words

40 mind-blowing quotes from Barack Obama about Islam and Christianity

This is from Young Conservatives.

There never has been a doubt in my mind Barack Obama is a Muslim.

He says the Muslim call to prayers is the prettiest sound on earth and he wears a ring with the Aribic inscription say there is no god but Allah. 1,360 more words

On the fast and ongoing slow

One has to wait for the whole year to pass in order to see utter mayhem and madness on the streets. But one does see it eventually. 851 more words


Roger Davis - After Ftour, Ramadan, Tangier, Morocco - 1997

This a 24x24cm study for a larger painting. To water proof a building some time it is tarred which, I think, adds something to the otherwise white buildings. 24 more words


Wiretaps at heart of RCMP terror case against Ottawa twins

The RCMP terrorism probe that has so far yielded charges against three Ottawa men, including twin brothers, is anchored in wiretapped cellphone conversations between Ashton and Carlos Larmond, both 24. 405 more words

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Do you know the differences between Sunni and Shia Islam? (quiz)

Christian Science Monitor: Most of the world’s major religions are made up of multiple sects or denominations, and Islam is no different. Islam’s two major sects are the Sunnis and the Shiites, and the division and interplay between the two is a major factor in the geopolitics of the Middle East. 19 more words