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"Ya nafs ma teshtay"

Ya nafs ma teshtay means you get what you wish to eat in English. It is the name of the event we have on the day before… 125 more words


Willen Nederlandse moslims de sharia?

GEERT WILDERS ZEI het echt, daar in de Tweede Kamer: driekwart van de moslims in Nederland vindt de sharia belangrijker dan de Nederlandse wetten.

Oei. Dus drie op de vier moslims willen het met 80 stokslagen bestraffen als je op het terras alcohol drinkt, en van dieven de rechterhand afhakken (bij recidive volgt de linkervoet). 544 more words


The 365 Day Project - Day 146

In the Jewish and Islamic calendar, a new day actually starts at sunset.  It’s an opportunity to reflect on the day that you just spent and start off a new beginning with something we all cherish rest.   86 more words



Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri – Maaf Zahir Dan Batin

Und direkt einer hinterher. Da ich ja langsam aufholen muss bzw. die aktuellen Ereignisse einholen muss gibts jetzt schon den nächsten Beitrag. 1,617 more words

Istanbul: a vacation on our vacation

Myles and I clung wearily to the poles on the train transporting us from Istanbul’s main airport into the city centre. It had been 30 hours since we last slept, in that time we had spent a day wandering Mumbai’s main streets in the monsoon, the late hours of the evening in its very fancy new airport spending the last of our Indian rupees on overpriced coffee and muffins; we had eaten three airplane breakfast meals, watched four episodes of the TV series True Detective and had a stopover in Doha where I sprayed perfume in my eyeball at the duty free shop. 829 more words

POST-Ramadhan Mubarak Reflections (12) – Total Reliance on Allah Ta’ala (Tawakkul) By: Mufti Muhammad Noman Daji, Batley, UK

By: Mufti Muhammad Noman Daji, Batley, UK – course.correspondence@gmail.com)


This twelfth and final reflection covers the noble character that is required to maintain and further strengthen the Taqwa and the other ultimate end goal characters (Hubb-Allah and Hubb An-Nabi (Peace Be Upon Him)) required to embody the purpose of human creation i.e. 15,322 more words