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Move to ensure Indian values are taught to schoolchildren

NEW DELHI: Dinanath Batra seems to be a man with a mission: he is in a hurry to “Indianise” education.

The convenor of the Shiksha Bachao Andolan Samiti has set up the Non-Governmental Education Commission as part of his programme, enlisting the support of educationists sympathetic to the Hindutva political project.


Ramayana's Best Sloka

There is a Legend that Varauchi,who was in King Vikramaditya’s Court and A great Sanskrit scholar as asked to pick the best sloka in the… 144 more words


Search Sita In Peru Nazca Lines Sugreeva Ramayana

Bharata Varsha included the Americas, as I had posted earlier.

The Americas were the  Patala Loka as described in Hindu texts.

There is yet another evidence pointing in this direction. 155 more words


Mahabharata Events Verified Timeline Some Issues

I have posted the Ramayana Timeline verified by astronomical data.

To corroborate that further I shall be posting articles with Archelogical, Zoological evidence apart from references from Indian and Foreign literature. 822 more words


Kumbhakarna ROBOT Rama Killed Him By Missile

In the Aranya Kanda , Ravana asks his sister Surpanaka,

‘Who is this Rama,who could Kill Kara, Dhushana  single-handedly?

What are his weapons?

915 more words


Here and there...

Ok…I’ve tried the Briyanis at many outlets in Chennai. They don’t even reach the basic standard level. Either it tastes like tomato rice (red color) or pepper rice (black color) or curry leaves rice (green color) with a piece of chicken in it and to add to my anger, one boiled egg will be occupying most of the place in that small container.   495 more words

The Beginning


Now Vishwamitra is not just some mystic yogi or a gurukula teacher or something. Vishwamitra was such a great  and powerful personality. He was a great khsatriya. 3,681 more words