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Low-Budget Kimchi Jigye, Version 2

The morning right after I cooked the

Low-Budget Kimchi Jigye

my knight requested for it again!
I decided to be smart about this. I knew he wanted me to cook it with more broth, which is impossible with a small pot. FOR THE RECIPE, CLICK HERE…

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Adult Sites Linking to your articles through Comments!!!

OH NO!!! somebody used an article of mine to post a link to their adult site… My God! Only because the title had “HELL” in it… oh my… I mistakenly approved it… good thing I check and disapproved it… JEEZ. 6 more words

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Yes, I typed that (title) in right.¬†Initially, I made this weblog to share anything on my mind, so I did. A little later after that, I toned it down a bit… It got a little cluttered so I categorized the entries. 26 more words

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My Low-Cost Kimchi Jigye Recipe

Hahahaha!!! No! I am not a chef but living far from home woke my cooking skills. The thing is, when you live far from home, there’s no one there to cook for you. 445 more words

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CHANGE: It Isn't a Horror Movie

(This is not a tech blog post, I am merely using this topic to explain my point)

Recently, the new iPhone came out, and with it, iOS8. 88 more words


HELL-ECTIONS: (as blogged by teenage me)

It’s such an irony how involved i am in something i wished to abstain from.

i am not apathetic. i just don’t consider the elections worthy of my time — unless the price is right… (Laughs at own joke) 71 more words



It is a choice. Probably the best choice there is – decide to stay inspired.

The moment you open your eyes in the morning until you drift away to sleep, stay inspired. 144 more words