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Very First Post !!!

I usually suck at first posts. I fail at trying to act all “quirky” and “cool” and pretty much at just making it brief. Right now I have reached a horrible low at my life and I thought I would give it a try at this blog thing! 340 more words



I never really had a knack for organizing. I mean, my room is carpeted as long as I don’t do the laundry. If you catch my drift, then, yes, I am really messy. READ THE ARTICLE HERE…

Ramble Ramble


So there’s this new social network… Try it out by clicking the link… :3 you get to earn from posting, sharing, and liking, and commenting on posts, Join me on tsÅ«, they are sharing social revenues with all of us #tsunation https://www.tsu.co/Tetortsz


Progress: Coats, coats everywhere!

I’ve been unbelievably hyped ever since seeing the tracking page say ‘Delivery in Progress’, because I’ve been wondering just when the heck would this package get here? 184 more words

Costume Wip

Holiday projects: No, really, I've got two weeks of nothing-to-do.

If I’m going to be honest, I have an assignment due next week and I probably shouldn’t be plotting stuff, but well, I’m me. There’s two weeks in December which was originally supposed to be for a Siem Reap trip which got cancelled, so instead, I’m probably going to spend two weeks working on props and trying out some makeup stuff. 118 more words