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The Monkey Attack - Two Years on ANM

If you know me in real life, you’ve likely heard (and stopped in stunned confusion at) my traditional birthday wishes:

Happy, happy birthday,
from all of us to you!
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Excuses X

#1 – I’m not writing today because an old wizard has shown up in town again. Things got kind of complicated for a moment, and I had to promise to go on a trip with my best friend to keep him from turning me into anything unnatural. 570 more words


Things to Do Without Power When the Electricity Goes Out at Seven in the Evening

1)      Do not panic. You took dinner out of the oven five minutes ago and this will not disastrously alter your evening. Also, despite the fact that your family has run for the windows and skittered onto the porch, you will eventually rally them all back to the table. 296 more words


Surprise Miniature Whale

When I woke up this morning, I had every intention of writing a thoughtful blog post today. And when I say ‘when I woke up,’ I do mean the fives minutes directly after I woke up. 512 more words


Excuses IX

#1 – I will not write a proper blog post today because I am having an argument with the English language, with its punctuation, and its grammar, and all the limitations therein. 537 more words