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Differences of opinion should unite us, not seperate us further

Over the last few weeks Tumblr, Twitter, various blogs and publications have written about a campaign known as #WomenAgainstFeminism. Women began posting pictures of themselves holding up hand-written signs or placards stating why they don’t support the feminist movement. 785 more words


Mini Vaycay

Went on a mini vacation these last two weeks. Didn’t really “go” anywhere, but my good friend (best friend) from Canada had come to visit me and thankfully allowed me time away from my regular, everyday, boring life. 224 more words


Ramble in a rainforest

The  rain lashes out on the wind shield as we drive down the winding roads to our destination Valparai . Wondering  if the rain could hinder our plans on this trip , I demolish that thought immediately, rain being one of the main character of a rainforest .   801 more words



Ever wish you could pause your dreams? Having a remote to your mind would be ideal, but I think the pause feature would be used the most.. 24 more words

Monday Missions: Letters To An Editor

The first thing the above title made me think was, “Why do they always say ‘The’ Editor? There’s multiple Editors. In fact, if we’re going to get pedantic (AND I AM), only THE Editor should really get that capitalisation. 836 more words


Pipe Dream Fiend

That girl, the one you were is a fiend of sorts
Lacking sleep, doesn’t want to speak
Leave her be. That girl isn’t with us… 136 more words


"Trabajando" durante el fin de semana

A jueves, el jefe del proyecto me preguntó a trabajar a domingo. Originalmente, quise visitar el Studio Museum en Harlem, porque todos los domingos son libres. 206 more words