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Welcome to my blog!

I hope that my content somehow manages to make you feel cheery, inspired, and fulfilled. Maybe not all three of those things at once– but a girl can dream, right? 75 more words

About Me

Nekhtet, I received my Shemsu name!

Tatjasobekra, Sobek-Ra’s fledgling. Heh, I hatched. I get it. OH YOU.

So let’s see. I wonder if I can find any other word connections to Tatja. 


A Country Pathway

I come upon it suddenly, alone:
A little pathway winding in the weeds
That fringe the roadside; and with dreams my own,
I wander as it leads. 691 more words


When you can't say something nice...

You shouldn’t say anything at all.  For someone as opinionated as myself that is easier said than done.  I was told today that I’m very brash with some of the things that come out of my mouth.  362 more words

I Ramble Because I Can

'Meant for each other'

I’ve just got back from a family holiday. Being surrounded by other families made me think about how some people stay together because of time and some people stay together because they are meant for each other. 340 more words

Quest Perilous!

So, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to my personal journey toward becoming a vegetarian. I think it will be interesting to watch my progress and I’m sure I can get some laughs looking back on it in a few years time. 168 more words


Poker Face - You Don't Know My Mind


Poker is the game for no words, you can not let people know your true cards in your hands from your face and expressions. That is cool and necessary, but how can I expect you not to do this to me in real life. 345 more words