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Days: Easter Sunday

(Yes I am recycling. This is a copy of my Easter Sunday  a while back – when my daughter was 10. It is a Happy Easter Egg of a memory. 603 more words


Easter Sunday.

First off, this is the first time I’m using my phone so I don’t know how the layout is going to look, so uh, bare with me, my darlings. 290 more words


Caravan stoned deliverance

Happy 4/20! Let’s get stoned and eat Easter chocolate!

Well, I managed a brief moment of 4/20 observation last night, but didn’t indulge in the full “super-kief-bong-hit” tradition that 4/20 requires. 436 more words

Sunday Salon: What Makes for a Literary Pilgrimage?

What makes a trip a literary pilgrimage?

Somebody mentioned literary pilgrimages on their blog a few weeks ago which got me thinking about all the literary trips I’ve been on.   894 more words


Run in the Rain, or don't, it's only the Awesomest Thing Ever

Runners are strange birds.  Not only do we enjoy an activity which most people in the world really, really hate and, in fact, avoid at every opportunity, but we find some of the most painful and most bizarre aspects of the activity to latch onto. 836 more words


Inside my head #1

So there I was, in the chip/chocolate aisle in Sobeys, longingly eyeing the Lays chip sale as I was spooning the confetti cake blizzard with Oreo pieces from Dairy Queen into my mouth. 239 more words


break up.

I thought breaking up with you would give me freedom,options, and I’d be okay, but I’m not. I’m broken. Why didn’t you fight for me? That’s all I ever wanted, i feel empty, nothing has color anymore, my world is pointless without you. 52 more words