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Orange Chiffon Cake

I would very much like my dreams to ALL be of cake. SWEET, FLUFFY, GLORIOUS CAKE. Unfortunately it’s not like that, and I actually have to bake my own cakes in real life… but… I guess I get to eat those real-life cakes as well. 518 more words


Pic of the Week. 13 – 19/Octubre-October/2014

Pic of the Week de la setmana del 13 al 19 d’Octubre de 2014

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Hurricane? Nope!

No hurricane here!!! Just gloomy and rainy. Last night in town it was the same thing. People are probably not happy with all of the bottled water they now have no room in their houses for…


LOUD & PROUD: My First Writing Conference and the Case of the Menstrual Crisis

On Saturday I attended my very first writer’s conference. I was ecstatic to finally be surrounded by passionate readers and writers. Normally, my conference experience consisted of being surrounded by stuffy historians who considered my research topic to be “sexy” and often ignored me completely in panels. 655 more words


Speaking sentences

I didn’t start speaking sentences until I was two. I didn’t have to. I was the second child and my parents had already been through most of what first-time parents have to deal with. 335 more words


Baking Bonanza

Apologies for the lack of posts recently. It’s not that I’ve not been doing things by any means, it’s more of the fact that it’s the time of the year where I find myself making the same few recipes over and over. 173 more words

Fox Findings


Hello there it’s been two weeks since my last post (or was it three?), basically a long time. I didn’t plan to leave this space for so long and I really wish I had a better reason for this apart from my playing Sims 3. 740 more words