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U is for “U kidding, right?”

There are words that relate to the festive season and start with “u”. Unfortunately for them, they aren’t words that I particularly like or find interesting. 400 more words


Mid Winterim

It’s been a while since I’ve written here. I actually completely forgot about it for a few months; the first term of college was such a whirlwind and it just slipped my mind. 932 more words


What I learned (realized?) meditating

So, after yesterday’s experiment in meditation, I said I was given a sort of insight. Yesterday it felt special, glowing in my chest. Today, it just seems like something I realized. 780 more words


Big, Scary Things

I still have this lingering idea that art should be some wonderful, pure thing. (If you can call romance novels art, of course :D ) It shouldn’t be driven by money, shouldn’t be driven by anything but the desire to make art, to add something beautiful to the world. 208 more words


The Weekend Before Christmas

This weekend, I am spending time with Cody’s family on his dad’s side. I must say, I’m quite excited to be making a road trip up to Memphis, TN. 153 more words


love hate it.

I’ve been on my feet, voluntarily, for 10 straight hours now. That’s what I get for being all like “I’m poor, so I’m going to make everyone’s Christmas presents this year!” Pfft, stupid me. 192 more words


Rambling! (12.19.14)

Hey there, everyone!

State of Play contacted me this morning and told me the bug should be fixed now, so I’m super excited to play it again! 381 more words