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The Glory of Irony

So a day after I post my oh-so-inspirational preach and mental cleanse, I’m writing this ironic crap. And I get that maybe five years down the road, this probably won’t matter as much to me anymore, but to me, today…in this moment…it’s just hurts so badly. 902 more words



I’ve never been an advocate of slow moving things. When people ponder along a sidewalk that’s barely wide enough for two, leaving no other option than to shuffle along behind them, I’m always the first to shake my head in annoyance. 181 more words


One small step for a pre-med...

… and one giant leap for her humble blog. You’ve stumbled across my very first post, so pop a bottle in its honour, and please be kind. 766 more words

Choosing A Major

...question everything

I find myself questioning everything in my life other than one.

I try to find justification in what I do in life as well as the people that I have around me. 81 more words

Fine Art

Veles and Rulership

One thing I discovered upon my research on Veles is that in the Primary Chronicle, Volos (which is assumed to be another name for Veles by some) is considered to be a god related to cattle and peasants while Perun is associated with the ruling classes. 472 more words


New places soon!

Bom dia little nuggets!

So it isn’t snowing. YET. I still have some hope that it might snow later! Really, I love the snow. It’s so relaxing and beautiful. 600 more words


songs sung in the dark

The darkness envelops you with a gentle embrace as your eyes gradually adjust to your surroundings. You take off your glasses and close your eyes; sight is meaningless here anyway. 280 more words