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Hey you,

It’s been a while hasn’t it? Something like thirty years I guess, and in that time we should have learnt to be able to live together. 824 more words

Mental Health


What exactly is lacking?

The miscommunication? The passion? The willingness?

The sacrifice?

What exactly is lacking that I, as one individual, is struggling to fill up in this gap of people. 446 more words

Reflection, procrastination and progress all in one blog post

As suspected, I’ve hit the everyday, normal, teetering-on-mundane stride of life over the past 6 or so weeks since my 39th birthday. I had really ramped up for this birthday, in part because I’d been thinking for a while how fun it would be to do this blog. 447 more words


Happy, that is what I am. This is more than just the momentary happiness that I have trained myself to settle for, it is the love which I have been refusing to feel for myself for years.  118 more words


Weekly Rambles with Mr. B...

Today and yesterday and even the day before, I had little conversations with my almost 2 year old. Like little conversations that made me smile. We talked about dogs and cats and frogs and even horses, except horses were “cows” (at least he thought they were cows or called them cows) and we talked about babies, because Beckett loves babies. 306 more words


Switched Roles

Quite a heavy week I had. Someone close to me found himself in a mess and I had to take on a role that I wasn’t prepared for. 518 more words


Enthralled, for the nth time

I was giving myself a dose of ballad stash on Monday evening when I stumbled on a Japanese song of one of my favorite Korean groups. 367 more words