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So much to tell

So much to tell, my friends!

I just arrived home last night from a whirlwind five day trip to the West Coast – beautiful Vancouver & Victoria. 177 more words


I wish I could …

blog in sound and smell. I can manage visual with words and photographs but it’s just not enough to describe what I’d like to convey. 185 more words


Not Responding to Texts

HAHAHA!!! The link below from Buzzfeed shows 17 classic responses to use when people who don’t text back. While it’s crazy to be sarcastic and annoyed when a response isn’t given in under a minute, I know these senders’ pain. 120 more words

Image Inspired Ramblings

           I was scrolling through Tumblr yesterday and I came across this photo and it inspired me to write something. I find history intriguing because it can be hard to decipher truth from story telling. 311 more words


Reasons Why You're Still Single

I don’t know why I read stupid lists/articles that are about why WOMEN are still single, what men don’t like, and how to change yourself so you become dateable. 241 more words



Nudity is art in a blink of an eye but can be seen as pornography too.
Perspective does a lot of wonder to every single thing in life and it’s amazing because we are able to visualise two different kinds of thoughts.  60 more words


It's all mental

So I’m nearing the end of my first calendar month of this challenge and I’ll be honest I’m not happy.  I’ve exercised near on every weekday and I expected to see the weight drop off and my fitness to raise.   346 more words

Getting Healthy