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Movie Mix-Ups (There’s a surprise inside)

To wrap up my week of movie posts, I’m going to share some of the weirdest stuff I’ve ordered from Netflix, accidentally on purpose. Yes, that phrase takes on an actual meaning when applied to my method of selecting movies. 1,037 more words



Maybe I should stop assuming that all silences are because we are just too comfortable with each other and learn to accept that certain silent moments are because: we simply no longer have anything to say to each other. 32 more words


Personal accountability

I knew a guy who joined a gym, and he wanted me to “Make him accountable.” He wanted me to remind him to go, and to ask him if he had gone. 305 more words


Happy ever laughter indeed

13 jokers on a stage.
Well they each had their turn basking in the neon lights of the main set comprising of the title of the show. 162 more words


Is a pretty face the key to successful living? Physical Culture investigates (May 1940)

This post is a part of the Historical Context series, where I share excerpts from my vintage magazine collection.

One common misconception about American society is that we’ve become more and more obsessed with physical attractiveness and beauty as time as gone on. 610 more words


Tuesday Long Walk - A secret worth sharing

The Tuesday long walk is not well advertised which might explain the low turnout of just six for this fine walk in wonderful April sunshine. We met at Walton on the Wolds a back of beyond or politely, off the beaten track, village. 314 more words


Here's the truth.

I don’t like blogs. I don’t like blogging. It stresses me out because I feel the need to be interesting ALL THE TIME, and truthfully, I’m not. 218 more words