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Thoughts on Scotland's Independence Referendum

Euronews leading up to the Referendum

As Scotland’s votes are being counted and the full results to be out soon (with a slant towards no), politicians should already be thinking about how to unite the people on both sides of the border. 488 more words


No one can hurt you unless you allow them to.

I always hear this. I always try to remember this. No one’s going to hurt you if you don’t let them. No words can get to you if you don’t grant them the power to do so. 394 more words

High School

The Missing Episode #42

Well, without trying to minimize the tragedy of the 9/11 acts, our episode #42 has vanished in the depths of computerland. Have you ever seen a 4GB file that consists of about 3 minutes of audio. 56 more words


pulsing through my splintered veins
a loneliness one cannot shake
the ice goes deeper than every bone
trying to fill the spaces that none have known… 30 more words

so let me cave in on myself
its my only form of fare wealth
learning the turning of the spaces that are fleeing
sinking into holes and the uncontrolled breathing… 53 more words

will i always fall apart at the seams
slowly facing myself so i can see
the caving in of my own face
my heavily drastic fall from grace… 28 more words

breakfast, lunch & dinner

all in bed
slowly bouncing around in your own head
not setting a table for two
wishing and dismissing the hunger of two
for something that is always there… 19 more words