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Warm & Cozy Home | Candles

So lately I’ve been more and more obsessed with lighting candles when I’m working on things in my room. Whether I’m cleaning, organizing, doing laundry, or just getting ready for the day I always have a candle lit. 99 more words


Circus under the sun

But we’re only the clowns
In this circus under the sun,
Trying to win the hearts of everyone
Yet really impressing none.

We walk around in groups… 201 more words


The Decision

Well sadly I can’t make a Swimsuit out of crochet yarn due to chlorine damage and/salt damage. I could use Acrylic as it holds its shape in water but it becomes very scratchy to wear. 138 more words


Summer is Near!!!

I love doing crafts and artsy things and for this summer I am thinking of making my own swimwear. I’ve got so many ideas and I can’t wait to get started. 253 more words


Rambles about sweatpants & abortion

Hello everyone!!

Sorry for the late post. I have to get into his whole post-a-week thing, I’m used to managing my time very inefficiently (if you know me you’ll agree 100%.)  540 more words


Random Monday Thoughts

This morning I had fantastic realization– the fear and anxiety of not knowing what comes next in my life, are far more manageable than the stress and anxiety I faced at my job everyday. 238 more words