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Forever is the garbage in the gutter
Hope is the wrinkled tendon
Amongst my jail cell
With you


The need for journalism in this day and age

Print media is dying, it’s well established. Ad revenue is declining. Knock-off reporting is soaring. People want news, and I don’t believe there is as much of an emphasis on where it’s coming from. 572 more words


Religion in Professional Settings

Today I went for my six-week check up with my GI doctor. After asking me how I was doing on the diet he gave me he asked me if I was still looking for a job. 133 more words


Not Sunday

Well…it’s not Sunday, so that means I’m either one of a few emotions; frightened, frustrated, extremely happy. 

Have you ever thought of writing back? Will you write on the wall, send me a dream sit here while I type this out, send some sort of code? 463 more words



Well here I am, and its the middle of the night. I guess I will just ramble. I’ve nothing better to do.

I’m trying to decide what book I’ll read next. 293 more words

I know I don't fit ...

It’ll be fun, they said…

I find myself pen-struck over something most authors do with ease. I know it’s unlikely to do any harm on this little blog, and criticism can be constructive.

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Author Life

Lifetalk: Shameful Moments

Although I sound like a pathetic, whiny teenager, (I probably still haven’t matured in many ways, I learned a very important lesson of being careful of what you… 568 more words