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Tuesday Long Walk - A secret worth sharing

The Tuesday long walk is not well advertised which might explain the low turnout of just six for this fine walk in wonderful April sunshine. We met at Walton on the Wolds a back of beyond or politely, off the beaten track, village. 314 more words


Here's the truth.

I don’t like blogs. I don’t like blogging. It stresses me out because I feel the need to be interesting ALL THE TIME, and truthfully, I’m not. 218 more words


The Adventures of Other Dude

I was all ready for Camp NaNoWriMo.  I had an idea back in February and had managed to put together a very detailed outline.

I was all set with a  new world, a cast of characters, and a magic system.   204 more words


Random Rambles: #EnglishMajorProblems

Sometimes I think that I should stop using hashtags ironically, but then other times it’s like what is actually wrong with them? Out of everything the Internet has given us, hashtags are pretty harmless and a good way to be even more concise. 604 more words

College Classes

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of attending my sister, Mary’s, college level Shakespeare class. Even though I’m a freshman, I was at UT to help her move and she suggested that I sit in on her class. 186 more words


6am thought.

If there’s anything that life has taught me it’s that people come and they go. At some point, you stop expecting them to stay and you start to appreciate…

88 more words

Water, Time, & Frugality

So something gross; my showering capabilities are limited.

It’s true. Not that I don’t shower cuz I do everyday, except my hair that’s like 2 a week. 533 more words