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on going back to school.

Well. It’s that time of year again.

I usually have mixed feelings about going back to school, but this year is even more confusing: I’m going into my senior year of high school. 142 more words



내가 떵떵에애이유 헐…..

Au Revoir



My brain is like a colander with teeny tiny holes, and my moods are thickish liquids. It fills up so that I feel happy, elevated sometimes even manic. 846 more words

Mental Health

Apologies and Poetry

I didn’t think I’d be so busy over the summer. MY APOLOGIES. At the current moment I haven’t the time to sit and catch anyone up on what’s been going on with my life in detail. 433 more words

Going Home = Gaining Weight

It’s summer vacation, and I decide to go back to my grandma’s place after I finish my program. The longer I’ve been here the more I realize how quickly I’m gaining weight!!!! 146 more words


realizations on friendship: part one

I’ve already started to take this blog too seriously. Yesterday while at work, I mapped out my posts for the next two weeks and started drafts of many of them when I got home. 730 more words

Marry out of strength, not weakness

When you have half a person married to another half a person they don’t make a whole, they make a half. When you have one solid person married to another solid person they make something amazingly strong. 192 more words