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At peace but still I Battle

At peace but I still battle……………

Being cheated on is a horrible feeling, but even after “recovery”, “forgiveness” and moving on with life at peace but I still battle…….. 200 more words

"The Stars I'd Like to be Married To" by Dorothy Kilgallen, Photoplay, June 1944

This post is a part of TMP’s Historical Context series, where I share excerpts from my vintage magazine collection.

The June 1944 issue of Photoplay (with a beautiful Olivia de Havilland cover, one of my favorites in my collection) includes a feature by Dorothy Kilgallen called “The Stars I’d Like to be Married To (If I weren’t already Mrs. 646 more words



I am lying aimlessly on the bed, staring particularly at nothing.

I have just woken up from a nap due to exhaustion. I feel indifferent. Too indifferent. 105 more words

on attending a college literature class.

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a literature class at a college I’m applying to soon. The class was an advanced literature class that lasted two hours and was about Jonathan Swift and Alexander Pope. 380 more words


Guest Interview!

I know this is a quickie, but in case you missed it, check out my interview over on Katie’s Book Blog! It’s Halloween related and there are prizes to be won, a win-win situation :D… 45 more words



OH. MY. GOD. I have been practically glued to my phone all day anxiously waiting for a phone call I don’t think is coming… so no one in my family or group of friends know this except my grandma {favorite person ever} & my boyfriend {close second} but I recently applied for a job that is pretty much one step away from my DREAM job. 227 more words


Rambles etc.

And then all at once you stopped looking at me like you used to

You stopped writing me letters and holding whole hand in public when we went out… 171 more words