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Financial Aid Updates

Good news everyone!

Well, if you’re rooting for me to go back to school, good news. I’ve been approved for my financial aid for University of Illinois fall of 2014 and spring of 2015 semesters. 236 more words


But Really, I'm Just Stressed

It’s about that time of year when people start showing their true colors, and it’s no different for me. My patience is shorter, my attitude is to just make it through every thing the best I can, and I’m still trying to cram as much into all of my time as possible. 727 more words

O is for...Openness

The word of the day is “openness.”  This is another suggestion by Fishie, aka Fish of Gold.   Now, I noticed that Linda G. Hill… 674 more words



I find myself with a need to get away. I grow weary of my surroundings. I need something new. I need something to make it worth my while. 121 more words

Soft-Robotics Part 2 - 3-Week Course: Explorations of Wearable Soft Robotics

Continuing from Soft-Robotic Exoskeleton…

With the new and exciting idea at hand we also suddenly had quite a few assumptions to verify before the project could be assumed to have any sort of potential. 606 more words


Weird days :-(

My week has been less than great, way less than great and very weird. I’d say that this is about the time that something good should happen… Hoping… Waiting… It’s coming… I’ll just be waiting here for it… Any day now…


Soft-Robotic Part 1: Exoskeleton (of a kind) - Introducing


Time for some news and there’s plenty of it! This should probably have been posted as many separate posts to follow the progress but it so happened that I wasn’t really good at updating continously so here goes the retrospect until I catch up. 788 more words