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After Midnight

Stumbling tossed out to the curb

Rumpled scarecrow loose leg sidewalk waltzing

My blood is single malt

Fizzing hot and smooth

As I wrap a grin around fumbled Marlboro… 217 more words


coupla (no)things

Why do they make coffee flavored creamer? Do people seek this out? Maybe some people are worried their coffee doesn’t taste enough like coffee?

I got honked at in the middle of a round about for “cutting someone off”. 295 more words

Back Popping

Thoughts of Self-Pity (Rambling and Regretting)

I have come a long way since the beginning of my journey into self-discovery and adulthood. I see myself as a different person and I often have trouble looking back and recognizing who I am now. 287 more words


The Invisible Hand

I’m fascinated and repelled by the idea of the artistic marketplace–as in “right now the romance marketplace is constricted in terms of historicals.” I say this sort of thing all the time. 992 more words

Writing Life

Novel-novel yang aku rasa bestlah

Lama tak update blog ni. Dah bersawang dah. Bukannya tak nak  update tapi tak ada

mood. Seriously mood aku lari sejak aku masuk hospital pada dua Ramadhan hari tu. 419 more words


How do you fight Depression

So my depression has been building up slowly over the past few weeks. Funny thing is I have no conscious idea of what is causing it. 166 more words


Hi, or whatever.

I’m Lucia— a grad student, antiquity junkie, and lazy Ravenclaw with some barely suppressed goth-girl tendencies. My main vices include red lipstick, tacky puns (see title), overused em-dashes, and a tendency to ascribe moral content to productivity. 363 more words

Kat Von D