PDA - 5 cringey points

So ive recently seen a lot of this throughout the week. I know everybody has their own ways of showing love and affection to their significant other but some of it is beyond cray! 339 more words


Ramblings - Post Two

So I have been awfully quiet on the whole blogging thing. This is because I just wasn’t coping with the amount of uni/prac/life ratio and adding ‘attempted blogging’ into the mix was just a little too much. 304 more words


It's That Time in the Semester

It’s that time in the semester, oh, is it that time. It’s that time in the semester when the end is so near, yet so far away. 301 more words


It’s rare I feel pushed to talk about anything personal on the Internet. I don’t fear being judged or having someone I don’t know learn something personal about me, it’s more of a feeling of pointlessness. 513 more words


I am writing to feel again


It’s been such a while since I’ve used this site. These last few months have been a bit rough, and eventful, and I’m going to talk about it for a bit. 244 more words



Today, I was searching through the inner depths of my computer, looking through old pictures. Tomorrow is my mother’s birthday, and I wanted to find an embarrassing photo of her to post on the internet. 368 more words


Title pending... much like my future

Wow! Now that is one hell of an ominous title, one that makes you think that this post is going to be one linked to some sort of depressing situation or story. 1,323 more words

Becoming An Adult