It's Okay To Be Weird

“Weird” is something I’ve been called for as long as I can remember. I got made fun of a lot during middle school & high school, probably because… 260 more words


Awkward Moments (A.K.A. How to be me)

(Warning: some TMI-ish moments. Because I trust you with my awkwardness.)

The definition of awkwardness may as well just be me.  I’m awkward in a lot of… 807 more words


Nonexistent Starbucks

I originally posted this on a “Welcome to Night Vale” community on Google+ a few months ago. I didn’t want to risk it disappearing into the void, that nothingness that is everything, that everything that is nothing…so I’m copying it over here. 347 more words



Note: This post was taken from my online journal. It was written in June 2014, before I had a real blog.

Most people spend a huge chunk of their lives on things they don’t care very much about. 175 more words


New year, new ultimately futile effort to update regularly

Hi ho all, hope 2015 is treating you splendidly so far. So where the hell have I been? Basically drafting multiple blog entries and eventually trashing them one by one, as well as planning a whole new more super serious blog which I’m too chickenshit to actually create. 451 more words


It's been difficult, lately.

Okay, I know I said that I was going to write more often. I also know how I’m failing at that promise-declaration. So, I’m sorry. Life’s been difficult lately. 264 more words


My Best Friend Fixed My Sleeping Problems

I hate to sleep alone. I don’t mean that in a scandalous way, I mean it in more of a I’m twenty and I still like to climb into my mom’s bed to sleep as often as possible way. 392 more words