‘Twas the night before my flight and I’m alone in my torpedoed room attempting to navigate through things I absolutely need while trying to avoid crap I want just in case, but definitely should not bring (like my numerous cute animal coffee mugs). 895 more words


Minimum Viable Products and Their Gross Importance

When you start out planning your project; be it game or other, it’s easy to reach for the stars – decide there and then that you will offer hundreds of features or mechanics, and that all of them will be fully fleshed out, dynamic, and interesting on a more than facile level. 1,024 more words


It's My Birthday!

It is my birthday! I am 29 years old today, it is my last year of my carefree 20’s. It seems weird to identify myself with 20-somethings as I have been married for nearly a decade, and have three kids. 201 more words


Tonight's Thoughts

I wish I could put a filter on my view of the world and make it something more beautiful than it seems.

Nothing can compare to the bitter emptiness of an insecure soul. 163 more words



No fear lodging inside the hearts

No anxiety crushing on the lungs 54 more words

MINE! Back Off Unless You're Invited


Hello Friends!

I know that today’s topic is very random but also can be up beat and it’s about daydreaming. I know that we have all done it before and I’m sure a few of us have gotten in trouble for it too. 175 more words


What does Friendship mean to you?

  • It means honesty
  • It mean trusting one another
  • It means being consistent as a friend
  • It means that you should be able to express issues with one another and not be offended…
  • 69 more words