It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

Night before last there was a little bit ‘o snow. And boy do I love snow. If I don’t have to drive in it. And if I can stay at home all day and just look at it. 174 more words


Ghostly goings on?

I’ve just finished watching a mini-series on the BBC called Remember Me, which was a good old-fashioned ghost story.  It was supposed to be spooky.  It had the lot.  945 more words



I am finally done with the main bulk of my Christmas shopping! Thank sweet 6 lb 7 oz dear baby jesus… I hate Christmas shopping. I never know what to get anyone, and I can’t blame them, because I also never know what I want. 90 more words


5 random things I feel like talking about today.

Hey there!

Can you guys believe that Christmas is only a week away?!?! I haven’t even finished my Christmas shopping, so I guess it’s probably about time I get to that before it’s too late, huh?! 730 more words


The Last Unicorn - A new discovery

I recently ordered an excellent book online called “Geek Wisdom: The Sacred Teachings of Nerd Culture”. On it’s recommendation, I dutifully googled “The Last Unicorn” written by Peter S. 264 more words

Jay's Blog

There are no words

I am an inconsequential woman. I am retired and live a quiet life doing ordinary things. I am not religious, I am not overly into politics (though don’t get me started on Nigel Farage and his godawful UKIP party who people are… 704 more words



I’m sorry for my absence this week. It turns out it was a busy week!  Busy having the ‘flu, busy looking after a man ‘flu victim, busy returning to work and remembering how to be a nurse, and busy studying.  145 more words