Win from around the web - Unicorns

I got this unexpected day off, right, so I’m all set to play with the resin and stuff…then the heaven’s opened and I gave up even attempting taking pics and settled in to find pretty things online instead *snort* MY LOSS, YOUR GAIN! 135 more words


Me Me Me Monday (14)

Hey guys!

After my four day weekend I’m surprisingly well-rested for once (although I did take like half an hour to get out of bed this morning, but I’m blaming that on Monday! 279 more words


Home but not a house

I never thought much about it when I was growing up, it was just where we lived, but when I told my husband that we lived over a motorbike showroom that was squashed between an off licence and a salvation army hall, with a bus stop right in front of our front door, he swore there must be a story in there somewhere. 810 more words



Most times I feel like running amuck and quitting the good girl fight.
I am who I am and I don’t regret much.
I am a black hole. 150 more words


Brown Butter Pecan Cookies (Recipe Rambling #1)

So on Thursday, I finally was able to bake some cookies. I got the recipe from this link:  http://jensfavoritecookies.com/2013/05/13/brown-butter-pecan-cookies/    Props to her and her excellent cookie creativity. 324 more words



Since starting this account I’ve been trying to challenge myself to write something at least once a day, telling myself it doesn’t matter if it’s bad. 176 more words


Another People Problem: Comparisons

Different people, have different circumstances, different opportunities, different friends, different locations, different desires, different hopes, different lives. And when I look at people to compare, I overlook that fact. 534 more words