Three favourite songs - freewrite for writing 101

Apologies for lack of punctuation, paragraphs, any sense.  The challenge was a freewrite, so I tried to stick to that!  It feels a bit against nature to post this nonsense, but anyhoo.. 553 more words


A loo with a view

I must’ve been in many, many, rooms over the course of my life, so when I was presented with this challenge, for writing 101, I thought ‘easy peasy’.  778 more words


Hatchling tanks, always so cute...

So recently, we actually had a day out in which the other half and I got to play a bit! A rare thing atm, so naturally, we headed in to the nearest bargain basement model shop to see if they had a sale…THEY TTLY DID! 152 more words


Me Me Me Monday (12)

Hi guys!

So there’s good news and bad news. Good news: the FH cover reveal is IN TEN DAYS AND I’M REALLY REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THAT. 376 more words


Let me introduce myself....

Well hello there.  Second challenge of writing 101 is to introduce myself. It’s proving trickier than I thought it might be.  Introducing myself.  Should be dead easy.  391 more words


Freewriting for writing 101

Ok, this may not make much sense. It’s a bit of freewriting I’ve done as the first exercise in writing 101. See what you think! 958 more words


Update! + Misty from Pokemon

Well, it’s official. Today’s my first day at my new job!

I’m excited to get started and to meet new people!

I’m going to be busier than ever, so I’ve decided to switch up my posting schedule to 4-5 days per week instead of 7 days per week (yeah, right. 72 more words

Geeks At Work