#WriterWednesday: How to get started

A few weeks ago, I was asked on twitter how to get started as a writer. I wasn’t sure what I really could offer to him—I’m not a published author just yet, I haven’t won any awards, and I’m sure a lot of people don’t know that I even exist. 1,304 more words

Adventures In Writing

Mysterious American Visitors!

So in the last couple of days, there’s been someone in the states reading a LOT of stuff on this blog and I just thought I’d say…I DON’T BITE! 35 more words


This Past Monday

This past Monday, also just yesterday, I learned many valuable things. Things that I am sure will aid me in this life ‘o mine. Let me tell ya what was a happenin’ in the world of this Missouri girl. 216 more words


Why Do I Blog?

It’s been more than three years that I started blogging and it was just recently that someone asked me why I blog.

I didn’t have a ready answer. 574 more words

Random Musings

Rethinking Gallant Trainer Challenge

I take it back, Pokemon X is piss easy by comparison to FireRed, I hadn’t realised how much the old game was balanced around grinding against wild pokemon for EXP. 601 more words

Gallant Trainer Challenge

We've Moved!

Hey lovelies!

Just a quick last post – it appears that some of you are still following this blog rather than the new website that’s now set up. 58 more words


Shutter Up Photography

Hello world, this is the new blog from Shutter Up Photography!

I thought that it was time to make a change and separate my portrait and modelling work from my weddings and family work, so I decided to make the plunge and set-up Shutter Up photography for this. 57 more words

Opening Speech