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Why I Am Not A Hipster But I Think My Girlfriend Might Be

I am definitely not a hipster. I am accused of this fairly often and it can be quite difficult at times to explain exactly why I am not a hipster but the guy over there most certainly is. 2,574 more words

Where past and present collide

Something happens when we break away from the shackles of our daily grind to explore the world. It’s something bigger than the people we meet or the places we see. 352 more words


On life #1

Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously

 – Hunter S. Thompson


Pots of Gold

I wish I could show you how impossibly tiny was the bebe hummingbird feasting voraciously on our many heads of bee balm a few days ago.  230 more words



I know you told me you were stronger than I thought, but I’m worried about you and I hope that you are ok.

The Metaphors of Music

Every time, I’d heard Stevie Wonder’s “I just called to say I love you”, I’d taken myself back to that autumn of my twenty-fourth year in the U.S., in that western town in Massachusetts. 164 more words

Feelings & Emotions


I am currently sitting on a swing in a San Diego backyard and the sun is setting. The eucalyptus trees are glowing gold and the July breeze is bringing welcome shivers to my arms and neck. 664 more words