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Maximizing my 20s

As part of my ‘time off’ I became an advocate of maximizing each moment given to me by God, I guess as I got to my late twenties I realized I had spent most of my earlier  years ‘going with the flow’ and not having a clear path of what I wanted to do. 68 more words


the final verse

For a while I wished
you could have heard
how hard and fast you walked away
and how it felt—left alone
to look for clues… 83 more words


Baby Needs Shopping

Persiapan barang-barang menjelang kelahiran Zack kemarin bisa dibilang minim banget. Namanya juga anak ketiga, banyak barang peninggalan kakak dan sepupu, jadi nggak semua harus beli. Bak mandi bekas Aria masih bagus banget walau udah 5 tahun lebih. 115 more words


Day 94

Happiness is a clean, but pouty pupcicle who is confined to the floor until she dries.


Renovation Rescue - Day 9

Today really felt like a major turning point in the renovation. In what is quite a small property it seems that there are hundreds of tiny jobs to do all the time and you get to the end of the day and think… 506 more words

Real Estate

You Can Try to Go Home, But …

Had a Rod Serling moment two weeks ago.

Few would nominate Arlington, Virginia as Twilight Zone territory (except maybe inside the Pentagon). For me it is. 257 more words


100 posts!

We’re celebrating 100 Posts today, y’all! Time to party, so put on your hat, grab a flag, and let’s dance around!

I am so grateful to share my recipes and experiences with you all here on Kitchen Konfidential; you’ve made it incredible so far, and I can’t wait to see where the next 100 Posts take us :) 86 more words