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Absent Me

Have been dealing with pain and feeling crap in general for a bit now, so haven’t really felt much like saying anything except “Ow” lately. Or swearing. 39 more words


Note to self: the world does not revolve around you

I have never been one of those people who thinks that everything should just be given to me as soon as I ask for it. I am not selfish (at least not in a malicious way) and I will always bend over backwards to help out a friend in need (for example I drove for 3 1/2 hours once to give a friend a hug when she was especially upset over something). 192 more words


Pendleton Petticoats Character Quiz

If you’ve read all three of the Pendleton Petticoats books, you know that Aundy, Caterina, and Ilsa are all strong, brave women but very different when it comes to their personalities. 47 more words

Shanna Hatfield

The Offseason Sucks: Let's get pumped about the schedule release!

While various pundits and celebrities have come forth in the last few years to describe a dystopian future where the NFL either doesn’t exist, or whose popularity has severely declined, I have a hard time taking the scenario seriously. 627 more words


Falling for Pablo

I’m not really a fan of romantic novels, I have this inexplicable allergy to modern romance, even though the female protagonist plays a heroine or an innocent damsel in distress. 478 more words



I guess spring is officially here.  It rained yesterday, cleaning up all the crappy things, the dirt, the snow, the dirty snow.  And it left huge puddles, because, for some reason, Saskatchewan communities haven’t yet figured out how to properly manage sewer and road infrastructure.   193 more words


Irrational Fear

Since I was little, murder and mystery has fascinated me. Started with Famous Five and moved on to serious crime fiction.
This fascination came with fear as well. 498 more words