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Dreams, Afloat, on the Seas

Dreams, afloat, on the seas, without a FLOATATION device, how, is it made of A-I-R?  Does it NOT have any weight???  Dreams, afloat, on the seas, someone must’ve set them free then, because, if it were up to me to decide (which wasn’t!!!), I so totally would NOT let my dreams run all over wild and free like that, because what IF I needed them, and they’d become totally OUT of my reach??? 120 more words

Feelings & Emotions

One thing that I hate is, to not able to deliver what I responsible for.


Ending Another Summer

Summer is coming to a close, and the weather in Zurich has changed to fall. David and I have been trying to get outside and enjoy in case winter decides to head here early, too. 331 more words

Zürich Adventures


Her house is always spotless, dinner cooked and on the table every night, children that act appropriately in every situation. She bakes, sews, decorates.  Everything she does turns out perfectly. 93 more words


The essence of douchebaggery...


I was having a conversation with an old friend today. I was telling him about a new band I just heard. I told him that the music was smooth and pleasant to listen to (not my words exactly, in fact not at all but you get the jest). 82 more words

28/08 Get angry!

Grrr! Future self, read this every time he does something you perceive as hurtful. 

I don’t know why I do this to myself. I allow myself to be lied to, and manipulated so easily and why? 441 more words


More money than God

Some folks hit the snooze button a few times before admitting that it’s time to get up in the morning, then they hit the button on the coffee maker, shuffle outside to get the morning paper, and then they dig through the paper looking for the comics.  1,449 more words