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The Great Reveal

It’s time! As promised here are the banners for the Fall Writing Challenge . I hope you all have your writing caps on and your muses are chomping at the bit. 331 more words

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Seph is offering us another set of banners to "play" with! I hope to see many of you in the sandbox! The last time she had a banner contest, I discovered so many new, wonderful authors! I can't wait to read the stories for this one!

My Husband Who's From Outer Space

So, men are from Mars, and women, from Venus, right???  Translated…

There was a hot Korean soap, the story line was an alien from outerspace, falling in love with an earthling, the male lead in the story was tall and handsome, gentle, kind, with special powers, he is very amazing. 405 more words

Feelings & Emotions

Glory clouds, gold dust and feathers, oh my…

I’m trying to have an open mind. But the more I hear and read about the Bethel Church in Redding, CA, the more concerned I become.   416 more words


A fleeting weekend away.

The weekend just gone was a roller-coaster, to say the least.

After receiving news my Grandmother had a severe, underlying medical issue that needed immediate attention, requiring her to travel to our capital city (600kms away), we were all a little stressed. 369 more words


Let me introduce myself...

Hello users of the internet. Somehow you have stumbled along to my blog and let me warn you, this isn’t going to be a sugar coated nice diary. 131 more words


We Ready For The Road

It’s funny. Just a few short weeks ago I was sitting in Atlanta brainstorming with my sage of an older brother completely clueless of what was going to happen next. 252 more words


Vacuum Cleaners, Walmart, My Own Integrity

My vacuum cleaner is being held together with duct tape. I have been searching on line for a new one. Very confusing, but then read about a particular one that is good with pet hair and has no bag. 207 more words