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Queer, Poz & Colored



hot upon the psyche,

stench like that of a ranchers brand upon


seemed to be the natural state of things.

Flesh searing scars, no… 213 more words


Quotations || Patient like a Tree

To let every impression and every seed of a feeling realize itself on its own, in the dark, in the unconveyable, the unconscious, beyond the reach of your understanding, and to await with deep humility and patience the hour when a new clarity is born; this alone is the live artistically, in understanding as in creation.

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I miss James Bond

I grew up with James Bond movies. Few things were as exciting as a new 007 coming out, or even renting a video (yes, an ancient video) of an older one. 246 more words


Good things come in threes: three trios (plus one)

Looking back at CDs I’ve listened to recently for review on London Jazz News, I notice that trios have been figuring of late. I mentioned Michelson Morley in a… 264 more words


The Challenges of Being a Young, Fresh Journalism Graduate

Why we choose to become journalists or media professionals is, of course, a unique decision to each and everyone of us, but the common dream of every student who pursues an academic degree in journalism is universal. 715 more words


Adventures with the Freelancer Part 2

This time it was the ultimate posh place in the city. The place that is visited by the super rich and houses the most rich corporations. 216 more words


A Happy Place

The smells of the beach! Suntan lotion mixed with sand and the salty air. The mingled aromas of fried clam strips, French fries, tarter sauce, and ketchup coming from the boardwalk pavilion. 693 more words