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Ever have one of those days that began at 6 after too short a night, also because others think your room is the living room even though it is, and had to call your ISP to activate your new modem since they shut you off two days ago for an EOS POS, and got through all that and got back online and then realized the router wasn’t routing, and so instead of going back to bed, you figured you’d figure it out, and 3 hours later decided with a number of cuss words that it just wasn’t worth wasting any more time upon, and so you laid down at last, only to be awakened just as you dozed off, by the yowling cat who was upset that her guy went to work and wanted a door opened so that she could go look for him just in case, and then you gave it up and left the building 2 hours early for work and picked up a couple of items at the store and had a last sandwich, and then knew with the greatest ill feeling that you were in for a night of stomach woes –just as you parked in work’s parking lot, and you couldn’t call out because your company is already down by one for the week, so that you crawled all over an enormous building doing what you do and then called it a night 15 minutes early, and then you finally laid down and while drifting off, thought someone was scritching away on the window and you flew out of bed to surprise a mouse creeping along the heater?  210 more words


The break up

Dear coffee..
I have known this conversation would happen at some point, but I guess we never really can prepare for things like this. I don’t know how to turn my back on my best friend. 72 more words

Weight Loss

warning: i am on cold medicine, so this may not make much sense

One of the reasons I type so strongly as an iNtuitive on the Myers-Briggs is the fact that I’m constantly thinking big picture, long-term, future stuff. 740 more words



if i knew who was you

i would know the future

no dancing or fantasy

play, but no games

layers and layers and layers and layers… 57 more words


Today I turned 29. So I guess that’s it. My life is over. I’m an old woman and I must spend the rest of my days lying about my age, buying more and more expensive face cream, and counting the wrinkles around my eyes. 666 more words


Mongoose - A to Z Challenge

M is for Mongoose

While trying to think of an ‘m’ word to write about, one word kept straining its sinewy neck above the faceless of crowd of moons, mourning, milk, mutt, moms, maps, mumps. 239 more words


Somewhere Only We Know

Recently, I was reminded that there is a time for everything. Things begin. Things end. But I also realized that just because your time is “over” with someone, it doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s the end of it. 28 more words

Life Lessons