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"CHRISSY'S CORNER - Top 3 POSTS of the Day 4/23/14"

“CHRISSY”S CORNER” is going to be my place to post my favorite “Blog Posts” of the day. I’m going to basically just pay tribute to other blogger’s here and post what I feel is notable. 618 more words


As the year slowly ends.

The first time I did yoga was with Alina, a student I adore. She’s a freshman and has this wild mane of red hair exactly like Merida from Brave. 624 more words


Memories of a French Easter

(This post was thought up recently when I discovered some books and things in a folder I took when I moved out of my Dad’s house.) 616 more words


On the DBIR, data analysis and information security

I read through the DBIR from Verizon yesterday and I believe (actually, I hope) this report will be a turning point in the way that we handle information security and data breach reporting. 412 more words


'Dear Sir'

Okay, here’s the thing.

I own my own production company. Over the course of the last year, I’ve had people applying for jobs, internships and sending in scripts to the development department. 428 more words

Pocahontas is a Dick.

Sorry – it’s another rant. I immediately retract my first statement, I’m not sorry; I love to rant. Now, I’m talking about something I’m very passionate about… … 551 more words