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New Shoes

Don’t run a marathon in brand new shoes…….or so I’ve heard.

I bought new Air Max shoes in August.  Giving me time to break them in before the marathon and still having low mileage on them so they have lots of support for the run. 278 more words


Kinda like Ebola

This whole Ebola thing is the scariest thing I’ve ever heard of. On Earth, at least. The idea of a virus that basically dissolves your flesh is absolutely terrifying. 345 more words


Busy. Busy. Busy. Is that all we really are?

I don’t know about everyone else, but I find myself with a full packed schedule every Fall semester. It being the senior year, I have many things on my plate such as: Class Courses and Exams, GRE Exam, Grad School Applications, Job Applications, Interviews, Conferences, Presentations, Organization Duties. 223 more words

Daily Rambles~

The Thoughts of a Troubled Mind

Early hours of the morning, cup of coffee by my side -

Can’t sleep, not even going to bother to try.

Memories are powerful, powerful things… 410 more words


My husband came home for the first time since March today.

Meaning… I’ll be writing when I come up for air. We will be trying out our Fantasy Box, our Love Dare marriage devotional book, and anything else we want. 13 more words

Check It Out

The secret

Have you heard of the book or the movie the secret? My sister told me about it a few months ago but I never paid attention to it until recently. 469 more words


A Word Is Enough For The Wise

I found this in my email’s junk folder, this must be the funniest piece of spam I’ve ever received.


227 more words