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OH, yes

You know when you feel

Like your losing your mind

That’s happening to me

All of the fucking time


The incredibly boring backstory of how i met the boy i was supposed to take to Trish's party

It was a normal day at the bookstore where I worked part time for a period in my varsity career. A day like no other, perhaps, although I do remember there being a lot of shelving to be done. 1,725 more words


I woke today with no other purpose than watching the sun rise over my front yard. I didn’t set my alarm or anything like that, but I made up my mind to make sure I did it. 400 more words

Context Change

Finding The Answers in Big Data

Ah, BIG DATA. In the last few years there haven’t been bigger buzz words than those. If you haven’t heard of it, then I hate to break it to you, but everyone and their mother have been talking about it, look at the Google searches over last ten years. 492 more words



You know how some writer’s experience writer’s block? That inability to transpose coherent thought to paper, or even to maintain said coherent thought for a worthwhile period of time? 757 more words


Condition your wool!

I love wool. I love how sturdy and solid the yarn can be while knitting/crocheting and as a final product. Wool is also extremely affordable (compared to baby alpaca which is like $30 a skein)! 344 more words



1. the art of effective writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques.

that, friends, is what is a talent i aspire to possess.

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Effective Writing