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Tailing the Donkey

My school management had decided that us high school students need to have some professional / soft skills training to cope up with the outside world back then. 376 more words


"T" Time, the Great Cosmic Punch Line

There’s no denying it. Life plays funny tricks.
Funny peculiar, and funny, ha-ha.
Only the longer you hang around,
The less ha-ha they get.

How can it be that today blends so into yesterday, 332 more words


The 13 Roles I have played

I find a certain comfort and safety in knowing and understanding my role.  Whether it be at work, in the family, or with friends and loved ones.  1,293 more words


hey: an essay

Part 1.

The lifespan of a piece of Old Navy clothing:

Day 1. You come home with an enormous white plastic bag and brag to your husband about how you got a dress AND shirt for $35. 243 more words


grumpy girl

Zoe is grumpy.  Not sure why.  Just cranky and feeling pushed around.  The thing he said he didn’t want to see happen – her taking off from the community and things not being friendly – seems more of a likelihood right now.   720 more words

Bad Day

Burgled updated

While at home this weekend I was able to see more that is missing.  Some binoculars, a set of pears and my flute.  Luckily I brought my guitar down in January as my carry-on.  199 more words


Prayers for Guidance ....

Oh Lord, and I mean that literally. Heavenly Father I seriously need your guidance when it comes to walking this journey with my husband. I am at a loss, and I am out of words, when it comes to communicating to him in such a way that he gets it. 142 more words