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I know you told me you were stronger than I thought, but I’m worried about you and I hope that you are ok.

The Metaphors of Music

Every time, I’d heard Stevie Wonder’s “I just called to say I love you”, I’d taken myself back to that autumn of my twenty-fourth year in the U.S., in that western town in Massachusetts. 164 more words

Feelings & Emotions


I am currently sitting on a swing in a San Diego backyard and the sun is setting. The eucalyptus trees are glowing gold and the July breeze is bringing welcome shivers to my arms and neck. 664 more words


I shouldn’t write about this.  If the wrong people read it, they might get upset.  But I’m really frakking annoyed.

Mandatory fun is exactly what it sounds like.  363 more words


Identity No. 4: Everything in moderation.

So this song doesn’t really fit into this post, BUT– it’s a fantastic song:

You know what’s crazy? Social media. We can all secretly agree that our lives are an interesting balance between reality and Facebook/Twitter. 438 more words


Whenever you let your guard down, they remind you why you had it up in the first place

I’m perched at the cherry wood desk in the top floor office when you walk in, your hands clammy with sweat and your heart pounding. At my request, you sit down with your resume, your pile of references and a letter of recommendation on your lap. 915 more words


I am Micro

I am constantly learning more and more about my strengths, my weaknesses and myself. I am constantly learning and evolving to better myself with the hope of being better and kinder than the day before.  472 more words