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Borrowed Words

To read something over and over, to weave it into the quotidian quotations of your life.
Till one day the words embed themselves among the crevices of your beautiful mind. 208 more words


At the time of starting to write this post, it is nearly 5pm on Monday, and I’m in my apartment. I should be at work. I finally decided to get up out of bed around 3pm. 1,684 more words


I am the Poster-Boy for the Withdrawal Method

Better yet, my stupid father should have masturbated into a sock instead of ejaculating into my stupid mother. Fucking idiots, both of them.



My beloved friends, here’s a rose to cheer your day (:

I was writing a rather depressing post but then there should a part of my life that should remain happy and free so here you go. 308 more words

Differences of opinion should unite us, not seperate us further

Over the last few weeks Tumblr, Twitter, various blogs and publications have written about a campaign known as #WomenAgainstFeminism. Women began posting pictures of themselves holding up hand-written signs or placards stating why they don’t support the feminist movement. 785 more words


What a Weekend! (And Month!)

This weekend proved to be a small representation of our July. Packed to the gills with fun and house stuff. It included a birthday party, a relative visit, home projects, and lots of cooking! 96 more words


A "Pre- Beginning"

In order to escape the pesky pesterings of my family while I’m away for my¬†first year at the University of Virginia, I have been persuaded to create a blog so they can always be up to date with my latest fangirl session over the newest episode of Teen Wolf (Tyler Posey can be… 268 more words