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Tomato Tempura ! Coming soon!!

Enjoy Fresh Tomato Tempura mustard mayo sauce on the side !!


Hakata Ramen

I was able to try the famous Hakata Ramen the other day. Tonkotsu ramen started in Fukuoka I heard, and the first Tonkotsu ramen was made in Hakata. 18 more words


Beef ramen with tamago eggs

If there’s one meal sure to perk up your day or restore you  if you’re feeling under the weather then it’s this! A big, steaming bowl of noodles suspended in a delicate broth is just what the doctor ordered. 588 more words

Whisky and Ramen Go Together

Hey all,

I had heard about a bar with the ramen burger on their menu. When I found out that it was a Scottish pub, I HAD to check it out! 206 more words


Miso-based Ramen Noodle Soup

Defining what Miso is would simply defeat the purpose of having Wikipedia or epicurean websites on the internet. Above is what’s left of the Ramen noodles I ordered from the Tadakuma Japanese restaurant below. 10 more words


3 Must-Try Japanese Restaurants In Jakarta

Whether you are looking for a bowl of warm, comforting ramen, a taste of bold flavors that is associated with traditional Japanese BBQ, or you prefer the subtle and fresh flavors of sushi or sashimi, … 328 more words


Low point

Le corps humain est une drôle de machine. Les semaines où tu as l’impression d’être sur un nuage contrastent avec celles tu as des difficultés à terminer tes sorties et à te motiver. 228 more words