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From the Rampart

Where there is no light,
There is replete darkness.
Undisturbed, tranquil darkness.
No Ripples in the water,
No movement on the seas,
No silhouettes on the horizon. 149 more words


Session Recap #15--11/7/14

Please comment anything I’ve left out.

Players: Brent, Dom, Jared C., Jared H., Steve, Wade

Game Time: November 17th to December 8th

New NPCs: Tavus and Rone, foot soldiers of the insurgency; General Sigrimon of the Daystar Union Army; Khaamal, city adjutant of Gwatphen… 473 more words

Session Recaps

1.05: Say Hello to Mr. and Mrs. Rampart

Author’s Note: Apologies for the delay in a reply guys.  NaNoWriMo has started with vengeance, though I surprised myself today by writing a whopping 6400 words for the first day, so I’m super psyched.  

1,542 more words
History Theme

1.04: An Unforgettable Date in the Park

Mulan sat on her bed, reading.  Camron was next to her, munching on a bit of scrambled eggs and toast.  He’d have to leave for work soon.  1,344 more words

History Theme

Majestic - Even in the night

Guarding in the night

Jodhpur is one of my favourite cities in India. Not only popular with tourists from around the world, but it is immensely popular with Indians as well, recently gaining repute as the most favoured destination wedding and celebration place in India & Rajasthan in particular. 115 more words


1.03: Things Looking Up

Mulan motioned him to follow her.  “Are you hungry?  I actually was able to afford a counter and a stove.”

Camron tilted his head.  “Nice.”  He was feeling a little leery.  1,134 more words

History Theme

1.02: The Woes of a Legacy Founder

Wolf: House?  Mulan, you had $1800.  That’s not a whole lot, especially for you Sims!  Your prices are nuts!  Just be glad you have a bed, a toilet, and a shower. 1,659 more words

History Theme