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How To: Reduce Stepper Motor Heating up

By Adjust Power to stepper motor the heating up of stepper motor can be reduced.

By reducing the motors power by 30% the heat production was reduced substantially and it still had enough torque to drive material through. 39 more words


Spring Produce Spotlight: Ramps

Spring produce rocks and Ramps are without a doubt the best. They’re super versatile and easy to use. They look like large scallions and taste similar to a cross between garlic and onions. 162 more words


Ramp Pesto

I have a confession to make.

I am one of those people who adores ramps. I go crazy over them when they appear. Their presence at the market says that spring is really here. 385 more words


Wait…I'm going home? Things to know about getting into your front door.

This is a common, panicked reaction of MANY folks who are faced with returning to their homes after a rehab stay.  Whether you are getting to know your newly implanted hip, learning to get around on a walker, or now living life on 4 wheels, its all new.   805 more words

Home Modifications

During Lunch Today

it was suggested by my friend that i was compromising the sterility (or hyper clean atmosphere) of the kitchen where i work by bringing in my own food to cook. 65 more words

Wild Garlic time...

It is that wonderful time of year again when plants start popping up right left and centre, an excellent opportunity for a bit of spring foraging. 411 more words


Foraging season ramps up...

Ramps..spring beauties..trout lilies..toothwort..curly dock..chickweed..dandelion..redbud flowers..watercress..violets..wild onions..It is that time of year.

As my neighbor was mowing his yard, one of my buddies joked with me this afternoon as I was gathering tonight’s salad.. 168 more words

Wilderness Survival