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Friday Day 56: Stupid, stupid, stupid! Honking! November 16th, 2012

Bailey had no sooner taken his seat when the argument broke out.

“Stop it!  Stupid!  You are so stupid!”  Ramsey shouted.

Standing in the third row he was fussing as he climbed over the back seat. 637 more words


Thursday Day 55: Homeless. November 15, 2012

Bailey and Ramsey’s mommy sprained her ankle and spent much of yesterday at the emergency room and as a result her four little ones were split up among the family for the night.  596 more words


The Arsenal Blame Game - are they blaming the wrong man?

Until the last couple of weeks, Arsenal’s dismal start to the season had gone largely unnoticed. Criticisms were made after dropping points to the likes of Anderlecht and Hull at home, but the media did not focus much on the team’s appalling start. 708 more words


Friday Day 54: Sing me a song Harley. Of lice and Love! November 9th, 2012

“I found out lice have fourteen legs!” Ramsey pronounced.

“How do you know,” his older brother asked.

“Read it in a non-fiction book.”

“What is non-fiction?” 429 more words


Thursday Day 53: The Boy Bus! November 8th, 2012

“It is a boy bus day!”  Bailey announced.  “No girls riding the bus today.”

In celebration Jack and Ramsey sat in the middle seats where the Ramsey girls usually sat. 275 more words


Wednesday Day 52: More revelations about God! November 14, 2012

“No one can lift Jesus or God,” he stated with authority.

“God is the greatest!”  Bailey said as he enhanced Jack’s comment.

“I want to live with God.”    Jack’s voice was sincere and soft spoken. 772 more words


Tuesday Day 51: Rex, Zeus and Charlotte! November 13, 2012

The bus arrived early to Jack’s house.

“Bark, bark!” the gruff voice of Rex called out.

“Squeak, squeak,” the diminutive voice of Ralphie the smaller barked out though she sounded more like a squeak toy. 536 more words