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Baby Goats Part 2! Petunia

So today was finally Petunia’s day to give birth! My friend Terror and I had snuck away while our girls were at dance practice to run to my house for baby goat snuggles and when we got here we found that our youngest and most annoying greeter dog was MIA. 283 more words

Why you should always wear a helmet when riding horses...

You remember when I posted about wanting to go for a trail ride on my super dependable gelding but then deciding not to because I couldn’t find a helmet? 578 more words


Friday started with Jeremiah and I filing our taxes, then going to get ice cream (you know, to drown our sorrows…)

We made it out to the ranch later, after I took a nap (because sometimes you just need to hit reset on the day). 684 more words

First Fruits - Easter, Resurrection, and Spring Musings

Been thinking lately about spring, Easter, and the Resurrection. The pale green buds on the trees, little chicks, and newborn calves all point to spring and new life. 112 more words

Ranch Life

15 Things Growing up Rural has Taught Me

I would like to preface this post by stating that being raised in rural America has taught me far more, in my almost 24 years of life, than this short excerpt could ever encompass. 745 more words


The Dog is Always Right

English Shepherds are known for their intuitive sense of order.   For instance, when the calves escape from the corral, the ES alerts us to their misdeeds, and may even put them back in the pen before we get our boots on.  332 more words