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The flu and my feline boy band.

Well guys, I know it may seem to you that I haven’t been writing much lately, but that’s patently untrue.  I’ve been writing a lot.  And I have four unfinished posts that will probably never see the light of day to show for it. 898 more words

3 Types of Cattle Operations

Raising cattle is a unique process that involves several different types of operations.  The same rancher usually doesn’t have the animal from start to finish.  Just like the different aspects of most products, someone starts, another adds to and yet another finishes the production.   307 more words

Rogue llamas and the morning drive through

Yesterday morning, I looked out of my kitchen window as I made coffee and saw a not-so-little black llama on the wrong side of the fence. 513 more words

Life On The Ranch

I could probably write a long post going on about what it’s like to spend time on a ranch. But why do that when I can just share some amazing photos instead? 110 more words

Life Lately

WHAT IS GOOD ABOUT TODAY- From Godfrey and Worzel

We had never made a big event of Christmas…Godfrey spent most winters in Southern climes,it was quiet times when we lived on the ranch. One odd year he was there with us, I wallowed in wrapping paper and tape. 303 more words

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cows, beef, cattle, beets, strawbs and rhubarb pies baking

refurbished old oven cost more than my truck

boots i love cowgirls’

boots i love myself… 307 more words