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Exhibition of Paintings by Sandhya Singh Inaugurated at 7th GFFN

“The colors are always fascinating and attract human mind, how they are placed on canvas depends on the mood of the artist. Sandhya Singh has created a new school with her own paintings” said Sandeep Marwah President 7th GFFN introducing the artist at 7th Global Film Festival Noida 2014 at Noida Film City. 112 more words

Sandeep Marwah

Great Grand Opening of 7th Global Film Festival Noida 2014

“These huge and large preparations speaks about the passion of Sandeep Marwah towards cinema, I congratulate his team to bring in such a massive enthusiasm into film festivals” said Randhir Kapoor renowned Producer, director, actor and President of R.K.Studios on the inauguration of 7th Global Film Festival Noida 2014. 194 more words

Movie Review: Super Nani (2014)

1 Star (out of 4)

With its old-fashioned morality and hokey melodrama, Super Nani (“Super Grandma“) is targeted at female senior citizens. Yet, were I a woman in my golden years, I’d feel pretty damned insulted that the only roles the men who wrote and directed this film can imagine for me are that of doting mother, housekeeper, and sex object. 439 more words


Super Nani (2014) Movie Review (3/5) - Rekha Is Indeed Super

It is always a super sight to see Rekha on screen. And then when she makes a full-fledged return to the big screen in an author backed role, it is a matter of further delight. 657 more words

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