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Fact vs. fiction in Ferguson

Hundreds of pages of court records released after the announcement reveal just what the grand jurors heard. That includes testimony from witnesses who we heard from shortly after the shooting. 15 more words


Walmart has bowed to pressure from A Better Balance

WALMART: SUPERCENTER” by alphageek is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Dear Friend,

Breaking news! Walmart has bowed to pressure from A Better Balance and our allies to improve its policies for pregnant workers! 545 more words

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Searching for France's fugitive feline

It appears the tiger on the loose near Paris is not a tiger. So, what it is it? That’s hard to say, because whatever type of big cat it is… it is still on the loose. 8 more words


Crime & Punishment: DA speaks exclusively with AC360 about the McStay family murders

We are learning more about the case against Chase Merritt, the main suspect in the McStay case. Merrit pleaded not guilty at his arraignment today in a Victorville, California courtroom. 21 more words


AC360 Exclusive: Joseph McStay's father speaks out about Chase Merritt's arrest

For nearly five years, Patrick McStay has been living through an unimaginable nightmare. His son Joseph McStay, daughter-in-law and two young grandchildren disappeared. Just last year, their bodies were found in shallow graves in the Mojave Desert. 58 more words


Randi Kaye on interviewing the main suspect in the McStay murders

The suspect accused of killing Joseph Mcstay, his wife and two sons gave just one interview and it was with AC360’s Randi Kaye. The family disappeared in 2010 and Chase Merritt was just arrested this week. 93 more words