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Some High-profilers Gunning for Common Core

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) surely are causing quite a stir. That is what happens when non-teachers try to impose their wills upon the American classroom. 2,681 more words

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Video: iRefuse Rally in Long Island, NY (March 29, 2014)

In my post, The Deceptive Push to “Implement” Common Core, I mentioned that my discussion of deceptive “implementation” was part of my remarks at the… 275 more words

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What Common Core Looks Like In Desperation

It seems that the protests of the American citizen against the so-called Common Core State Standards (CCSS) has become proverbial grains of sand in the works of the mammoth corporate reform machine. 910 more words

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Testivus fȕr Alluvus

It is with pride and importunity that I declare the Testivus Season open!

Festivities throughout the nation begin on the evening prior to the “window of testing” in each state, city or district. 742 more words

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A Schneider Debriefing on Weingarten

On Sunday, March 2, 2014, I participated in a much-publicized Common Core (CCSS) panel with four other individuals as part of the Network for Public Education (NPE) first annual conference in Austin, Texas. 2,885 more words

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Here It Is: The NPE Common Core Panel Video

I plan to write a reflection on my NPE Common Core panel experience. However, allow me to first post this 40-minute video, which, I am guessing, includes each panelists’ opening remarks prior to the 30-minute question and answer segment. 107 more words

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What Does It Mean To Be In Solidarity?

Last weekend the Network for Public Education (NPE) held its first conference in Austin Texas. Now I have attended many conferences over the years.  For me they tend to be inspiring, lots of good workshops and information and opportunities to network with colleagues. 2,062 more words

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