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A year from now value added will still be invalid

I guess it is good news that Education Secretary Arne Duncan has delayed teacher evaluations based on student test scores for a year. But, as… 87 more words


Keeping retirement weird. Michael Mulgrew and Eric Zorn.

A month after the AFT convention, Michael Mulgrew is getting a lot of attention these past few days.

His threats to punch anyone in the face – and he was talking directly to Chicago Teacher Union members who opposed the leadership’s resolution in defense of Common Core – have given the union-bashers a poster boy for union thuggishness. 482 more words

Keep Retirement Weird.

The fight for union democracy you won't read about in the Post.

A month after, finally and suddenly – the Mulgrew “punch you in the face” story has made the national news.

The Daily News. The New York Post. 401 more words

Randi Weingarten

President Eskelsen Garcia. Meet Senate Bill 7.

This blogger and NEA President-elect Lily Eskelsen Garcia at the NEA RA in Denver.

If you go back and read my report from the Representative Assembly of the NEA – I was a retired delegate – you will see that I thought it went pretty well. 376 more words

Randi Weingarten

Tuning in to Teachers | Randi Weingarten


These days, the wisdom and experience of educators are often ignored and, worse, dismissed by policymakers who favor approaches emanating far from the classroom. Yet no one is better able to weigh in on what will help children succeed academically than educators, who have incomparable firsthand knowledge. 65 more words


Kathleen Carroll Soars on the Wings of Research Blunder; Jim Horn Hitches a Ride

On July 15, 2014, California attorney Kathleen Carroll posted a piece on the City Watch LA blog entitled, When Did Teacher Unions Decide to “Turn”… Against Collective Bargaining Rights?  3,283 more words

High-stakes Testing

Former United Federation of Teachers VP Leo Casey Tries to Twitter-slam Me

I have been asked numerous times to join Twitter. The response I offer to this request: I haven’t the time to keep up with Twitter. 617 more words

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