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Thinking Out Loud- So much randomness

Before I get to my thinking out loud- here is a little update on how last week went down

Brice insists on taking is 4 ft tall teddy bear everywhere, Brice wearing sweat pants is my favorite thing ever, I’m slightly obsessed with Jamberry (more on that soon), cookouts at our neighbors who are deploying soon, we celebrated our 5 year engagement-anniversary, we rode on golf carts, we looked at Halloween decorations, we saw some deer, we ran a 15k (what I learned/recap tomorrow) we ate a pig, we got to do adult activities, we tried Jack and Coke slushies, we ate AMAZING sushi, had to do some sliding, I made some impromptu hot chocolate because I was lacking actual hot chocolate, and Brice keeps us laughing so hard every day!! 465 more words


I told you so

One of the things that annoy me the most is when you keep giving your friend advice, but they end up doing the exact opposite – then they start to complain. 12 more words


Dreams are a part of motivation that keep you alive

Dreams, what are dreams?

Well, according to Merriam Webster’s definition number 4:

A Dream is

a strongly desired goal or purpose.

or according to Disney’s Cinderella,

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Dear Readers...

Pagi-pagi iseng cek “stats –> summaries bagian views by country” dari blog yang sudah ada sejak 2008 ini, walaupun baru rada keurus 2 tahun belakangan. 82 more words


1st Blog Post

Cheers to my very first blog post. I will have to admit that I have probably started about 6 different blog sites in the last few months. 339 more words


And now I ramble

I think I’ve meant to sit down about 35823529 times to actually type a post. But then I’d either fall asleep, eat, or fall asleep again. 797 more words