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Hello, World!

After my brief affair with an introductory C++ course in high school, every title of every first entry of every blog or journal I’ve ever created shared a title with this post. 218 more words



It’s not always about trying to find what you’re good at.

It’s not always about trying to find out who is your friend and who isn’t. 144 more words



Yesterday I wanted to make a post about how we are all alone, and how, above all else, we should focus on our self-improvement, to become better individuals as we try to become more and more happy with who we are. 258 more words


Childhood vs Maturity ( Tom & Jerry style)

When I was younger I would always watch cartoons before going off to school. It was a daily ritual for me and now that I’m older I don’t watch anything before going to school because I have early morning classes. 593 more words

Thoughtless Thursday- Don't worry I'm still here!

I know y’all were sooo worried since I haven’t posted in several days.  I’ve just been very busy and haven’t had the time to sit and post.  1,150 more words


Agent Strange

I once saw a man in black,

standing in the Hague,

opposite to City Hall,

clad in black leather boots,

pants and overcoat,

wearing black sunglasses, and… 51 more words



My college is a completely research based institute and they always have something for you to research on. And I think research has both long term and short term benefits, and it allows you to learn something new, to hone your problem-solving skills and to challenge yourself in new ways. 168 more words