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100 Days of Happy: Day 3-5

(Picture of the trees from the cabin trip) ┬áIt’s tricky not to put a picture with other people in it.

Day 3: Having friends to go on the trip with… 15 more words

Background Information

Weird days :-(

My week has been less than great, way less than great and very weird. I’d say that this is about the time that something good should happen… Hoping… Waiting… It’s coming… I’ll just be waiting here for it… Any day now…


An interesting read with a very good point

This came up on my facebook and I found it a very interesting read so I thought I would share


Lessons learned...

It’s become clear to me that I have a horrible habit of learning my lessons too late. I suppose, it’s a human trait. Where does it say, in what rule book, that we can’t learn till something’s “over”? 444 more words


I'm a Poet.....again.

When I was a teenager, one of the things I did was write poetry. I wrote about whatever my mood was at that moment or whatever struck my fancy that day. 149 more words


Random things

Hello everyone! Once again, I’m not dead. I’m sorry for neglecting you guys for so long! I keep saying that I will post more often but I keep breaking my promise over and over again. 197 more words