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Restless life syndrome.

I’m so restless. No ones plans for tonight sound fun, trying to sleep didn’t work and I feel like I’m about to pull my hair out. 33 more words


Thoughts on my life. (the title lol)

well it’s nothing much just that…I’ve decided to change my life for the better and this includes cosplay life too so yeah I will try to update this blog more often >< will lessen my activity on fb and such haha~

Of Sarcasm and Morbidness

Let me be honest about what brought me here. I had to start a new blog because I couldn’t open my old ones. It makes me sad a little bit because I did work hard on those. 278 more words


That would be nice...

I often talk poorly about relationships and such, but today I was thinking about the parts of a relationship that would be nice. So per my new usual I’m going to make a list. 697 more words



I texted a friend a few days ago and he didn’t reply.

So I texted again yesterday. I normally don’t do this. With most people, I’d forget, or be too shy to text them back. 211 more words


Just a few quick updates while I wait for a show to begin.  :-)

Abranimations has released exploding chickens for Easter – use the HUD, rezz chicks, and then click on them to explode.  31 more words


Why it doesn't matter if absolutely no-one reads this.

In the process of starting up this blog I realised I was putting in so much time and effort into prettifying it. I took forever to find the right theme, that perfect custom background colour, just the right vibe, and that nonchalant but ever so chic tagline. 222 more words