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Neglecting Tiger Woods

I haven’t played Tiger Woods golf in a couple of weeks, which is about an eternity for me, but it has been for very good reasons. 422 more words


Physical Attraction

There’s an undeniable truth that people fall for the looks of someone else. Also there’s the debate between personality over looks that is still being talked about among lots of people. 468 more words


After graduation everything i did in school feels like a blur. trying to pin point when i started developing certain skills and expanding my knowledge is like finding Hillary Duff on the red carpet. 533 more words


Random - 7/28/14


This post is short, and not that creative. Sorry.
I’m reorganizing most of my home, making better use of all my furniture. I have a few days worth of cleaning and reorganizing to do, but I’m focusing on the bulk of it today, before I leave for work, so there’s more order and a clearer mind.


What is life.

I am really sad, and I don’t mean upset, depressed sad. I mean I am making shapes outs of my slices of cheese sad. Look it is the head of a chicken. 12 more words

Here we go.. FIRST POST!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I’m not good at introductions or anything like that, so let’s just dive right into it! I’m here today to talk about  251 more words


Motivation --ME -- Monday

Happy Monday!

I said, I wasn’t gonna blog this week! I was just Kidding! LOL

I have a successful week all planned out! I CAN do this!! 245 more words