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Nano Poblano - Day 26: ADD Strikes!

Not to diminish the severity of the impact ADD has on the lives of people who truly suffer with it, but is it possible to “catch” it in times of stress? 394 more words


You tease the ones you like..

E: *Slaps my head with his gloves*
Me: “Aw, why did you do that?”
A: “You know.. They say, that you only slap the ones you love.” 22 more words


Just a little update...

Due to the positive response I’ve been getting on this blog I have decided to release some of my social media sites for you guys to follow. 100 more words

Virgin Hotels?

Had no idea there was a need for such a specific niche market.


Putting a face to the name...

Hey guys hope your all doing well. Today I thought I would put a face to my name and show you all who I am. I thought the best way to do this would be to do a look book. 184 more words


Simply Amazing

I’ve got a few blog posts under my belt at this point, so I’m not sure if I’m repeating myself here when I say that I have… 301 more words