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A Giant Voice Stilled

Gabriel Garcia Marquez passed from life during this past week. He was an author of remarkable talent. This quote means a lot to me as age creeps up and some dreams seem dimmer. 92 more words

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Life is not life if you don't dream. <3

What does "Cakey" mean to you?

I feel like there’s a revolution going on in beauty right now. Everyone wants to cream contour themselves (STOP.) and everyone wants something “that’s not cakey”. 677 more words

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The Twin Flame Reunion Stages

By Trina Otero

I have researched the “twin flame theory” since I first heard about it in 2012. I found it interesting because it resembled the universal belief about “a soul mate.” I researched this theory, with dedication, for a long time, and I have come to my own conclusions that this theory has some holes and has been manipulated by human definitions. 984 more words

Bring Forward Your Shadows

“Bring forward your shadows. Your dark side. Because once the Light pierces the slightest of surfaces you will see them disappear, dissipate, vanish. Illusions… 14 more words

The Real Deal About Being Healthy

By Trina Otero

When people think of being healthy, they automatically think of exercising, dieting, and eating tons of stuff they think will be gross. [] Wrong. 271 more words


Let us Play

The arrival of ‘Cam’ always causes me a frisson of excitement. It’s certainly the best alumni magazine to come through our letter box, and rarely disappoints for either human interest or a bit of an intellectual stretch. 472 more words


The Power of Faith

By Trina Otero

I remember the first time I became completely aware that the Universe was talking to me and responding to my prayers. It was 2011 and I had prayed for hours. 106 more words

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