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Show Him Some Romance (women can romance men too)

I think there are a lot of women who don’t think romance in the relationship is their job. I have heard many women complain that their husband or boyfriend is never romantic with them. 2,159 more words

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I spent about 4 hours writing this post today. Once I was done, I was like 'Master piece' *in a high pitched voice* I HAD to re-blog this from my best friends and my blog 'Kibits' to Kalevera. BE WARNED she (as in the post, it is a 'she') gets maybe a little too sexy for some.


Back in February, I hosted an offline Q&A session. Although the participants stuck around (into the early hours) to discuss, I never actually posted them outside of the email feed. 643 more words


Good Advice #14

I never believed this for a lot of my life, but it is true.
Negativity attracts more negativity, like a magnet.
Same thing for positivity, you make the choice which you want in your life.

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Good Advice #12

Awe…heart warming AND great advice.
Kids are priceless.

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